3 in 4 of adults have no idea what many of their organs actually do

By Around the Web

(STUDY FINDS) — NEW YORK — While most people can probably tell you the name of all their body parts, that knowledge is apparently only skin deep. From the pancreas, to the gallbladder, to the human digestive system, a new survey finds nearly three in four Americans (73%) don’t know what many of their organs do or how they work.

The OnePoll survey of 2,000 people asked respondents how well they know their bodies and found that most need to head back to biology class. Respondents were shown a diagram of the digestive tract and asked to identify the locations and functions of different internal organs. Though people seemed fairly confident about where different organs are located, they were less familiar with their functions.

Close to seven in 10 people (69%) could identify where their small intestine is, but only 44 percent could accurately describe what it does. Sixty-five percent could identify their large intestine, but only 29 percent could say what it does. The most inaccurately identified organs include the pancreas (45%) and the gallbladder (43%). When asked to describe their functions, only 52 percent and 48 percent did so correctly respectively. Out of all the organs, only 38 percent of people could accurately describe what their colon does.

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