Over 300 workers reportedly infected with COVID-19 despite China vaccine

By Around the Web

(TAIWAN NEWS) – Reports surfaced Tuesday (Dec. 15) that more than 300 workers at state-run firms in Angola and Serbia have been diagnosed with the Wuhan coronavirus despite being vaccinated with China’s vaunted vaccines.

On Dec. 7, news broke that 47 Chinese construction workers were confirmed as having COVID-19 despite being vaccinated with one of China’s home-grown vaccines. China’s state-run mouthpiece the Global Times was quick to dismiss the report by citing anonymous sources who claimed the workers had not been vaccinated.

However, on Tuesday (Dec. 15), Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported that many Chinese construction workers in Angola and Serbia have tested positive for COVID. The news service cited sources who claim the workers were all inoculated with vaccines produced by China’s Sinopharm Group prior to leaving the communist country.

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