Amazon introduces ‘fitness bracelets’ that record everything people say

By Around the Web

(BIG LEAGUE POLITICS) – Amazon has released a health-tracking bracelet which collects all kinds of invasive personal information that similar trackers, like the Apple Watch and Fitbit, do not collect.

The Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post reviewed the Halo Band in an article published Thursday. As of now the Halo costs $65, though it will eventually cost $100 along with a $4 monthly fee once Amazon decides to sell more. The fabric bracelet comes with a microphone, but unlike the Apple Watch and Fitbit it does not have a screen, sounds, or vibrations. All the data is accessed on the Halo’s smartphone app instead.

What’s most off-putting is the invasiveness of the information it collects about you. “The Halo Band asks you to strip down and strap on a microphone so that it can make 3-D scans of your body fat and monitor your tone of voice,” says WaPo’s review. It will tell you if you haven’t exercised or slept enough; it will describe your tone of voice; and all those pictures of your body and all those voice recordings will get analyzed by the tracker’s machine learning technology.

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