Attempt at ‘Blue Biden’ MAGA hats ‘Made America Great Already’ fall flat

By Around the Web

(GREGG JARRETT) – Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. For Team Trump and MAGA Hat wearers, this particularly flattering occurrence is extra sweet. Imitating the “Make America Great Again” red hats that have become an iconic symbol of President Trump and his presidency, Democrats attempted to turn the popular notion into their own brand and failed miserably.

In order to support a Joe Biden and Kamala Harris administration, blue MAGA hats hit the market sporting the phrase “Made America Great Already.” The Twitter account @BidenHarrisHats advertised the hats, saying, “You ‘Made America Great Already’ simply by firing and evicting Trump from our White House.”

Complementing the tweet were photographs of the blue hat, worn by some young millennials. The tweet also stated, “Get your BIDEN ‘BLUE’ MAGA HAT now. Biden ‘Made America Great Already’ because he is sending Trump to prison. Hats are on Amazon.”

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