Barr appoints special counsel for ‘Russia collusion’ conspiracy theory

By WND Staff

Joe Biden (YouTube screenshot)

If Joe Biden is inaugurated president, depending on the outcome of election fraud disputes, he will be in the office occupied most recently by President Donald Trump.

He also will face a special counsel investigation, as did President Trump.

Both of them concern Russia.

Trump was accused by Democrats of colluding with Russia during the 2016 campaign. Biden could be implicated for his role in creating the false allegations against Trump.

It’s because Attorney General William Barr appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham a special counsel on Tuesday to investigate the origins of the FBI’s probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Special counsel Robert Mueller spent nearly years and more than $45 million investigating but wound up debunking many claims and concluding there was insufficient evidence.

The appointment means that the investigation of Barack Obama administration officials who launched the probe against Trump will continue even if Biden is installed in office.

Barr made the appointment Oct. 19, but it was revealed this week a letter to the House and Senate judiciary committees, Politico reported.

Durham’s DOJ investigation has produced one guilty plea. Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith admitted altering to altering evidence used to obtain warrants to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Page now is suing various individuals for millions of dollars for violating his constitutional rights.

Barr explained that Durham was appointed under the same federal statute that governed Mueller.

Durham was authorized to review of “whether any federal official, employee or any person or entity violated the law in connection with the intelligence, counter-intelligence or law enforcement activities” surrounding the 2016 presidential campaigns.

Trump has called the Democrat-instigated investigation of his campaign a “witch hunt.”

The Mueller probe helped fuel House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment investigation, which occupied Congress while the COVID-19 virus was threatening the U.S.

Politico reported: “By saddling the incoming Biden administration with a special counsel, it ensures that Biden will have less flexibility to attempt to scuttle any ongoing investigation and could hamstring his choice for attorney general.”

The report that explained firing Durham following the new appointment would boost the “political cost” if Biden is inaugurated and wants to get rid of him.


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