Bernie Sanders lashes out at Democrats for rejecting Trump’s virus relief

By Bob Unruh

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. (CNN video screenshot)

Self-described democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, who caucuses with the Democrats, is parting ways with his colleagues on COVID relief.

He charges Democrats failed the nation by rejecting a $1.8 trillion deal offered by President Trump just before the election. Now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is prepared to accept a $900 billion deal, essentially admitting she was playing politics because President Trump was in office.

The latest package of aid to businesses and individuals crushed by the lockdowns excludes the much-sought-after $1,200 payments to individuals. Pelosi said she’s fine with that “because we have a new president” who “recognizes that we need to depend on science.”

But Sanders said in an interview with CNN on Monday that the current plan “should not go forward.”

“It concerns me very much that this bill is far, far, far less than the other proposals that the Democrats have brought forward,” he said.

He pointed out President Trump had signaled support for spending $1.8 trillion.

He said the Democrats didn’t even get a good compromise, with only $350 billion of the $900 billion plan “new” money, since the rest was being recycled from earlier allocations.

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Sanders if it was a mistake for Democrats to reject the White House plan to spend $1.8 trillion.

“That’s right. … That’s what I’m saying,” he confirmed.

He also raised concerns about an immunity plan to protect corporations during the pandemic.

If corporations take actions that injure employees they must be told there “are going to be consequences,” Sanders charged.


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