Chain of Alaskan islands may all be part of a globe-threatening ‘supervolcano’ scientists say

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(STUDY FINDS) — WASHINGTON — When you think of a gigantic volcano, you probably picture a mountainous structure reaching high into the sky and spewing lava. Researchers with the American Geophysical Union say that may not be the case in Alaska, where an undiscovered supervolcano may be lurking underwater. Their findings suggest that a chain of islands which are home to a group of smaller volcanoes are actually part of an enormous volcano structure that could have world-changing implications.

A team of researchers from several different institutions and disciplines say the Islands of the Four Mountains in the central Aleutians is home to six stratovolcanoes. These are what people generally think of when someone mentions a volcano. Stratovolcanoes can steep cone-shaped mountains which have a banner of ash and clouds at its summit. Like the famous Mount St. Helens in 1980, they can have powerful eruptions.

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