CNN analyst compares Trump election-challenge supporters to ‘Confederates’

By Around the Web

(FOX NEWS) — CNN senior political analyst John Avlon compared President Trump and supporters of his ongoing efforts to challenge the results of the 2020 presidential election to “Confederates” in support of slavery.

Despite the various defeats in court and the Jan. 20 inauguration steadily approaching, Trump has vowed to fight on, claiming that swing states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan were “stolen” due to voter fraud, handing the electoral victory to President-elect Biden.

During Avlon’s “reality check” segment on Wednesday, he pointed to Trump supporters who’ve displayed signs that read “Defend Democracy,” “Stop the Steal” and “Stand for Truth,” calling them “admirable emotions.” However, he told them that they “don’t fit the objective reality of what you’re actually fighting.”

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