Conspiracies are for nut jobs?

By Craige McMillan

Conspiracies, as we all know, are for nut jobs. The reason we know is because too-big-media tells us so. I mean, they have huge newsrooms, filled with experienced reporters and anchors. Surely they use these resources to verify everything they report, don’t they? I mean, just imagine what would happen to them if they reported news every day that just wasn’t true!

Well, if conspiracy theories are for nut jobs and losers, what about well-managed frauds? Is it possible that such frauds exist? Wouldn’t a really well-organized fraud that was never uncovered actually be a successful crime? Maybe even an ongoing, long-term crime?

For instance, if your computer or phone is stolen, you know a crime has been committed, because something you had is suddenly gone. But what if malware is loaded onto your computer or phone, perhaps while you are sipping away through a bootlegged plastic straw stuck through your face mask while you are sitting in the corner coffee shop? Your identity is stolen. Your bank logins are stolen. Maybe your bank account is emptied out much later. One person wrote the malware. Another person stole your identity. And a third person emptied out your bank account. Was that well-organized fraud?

A well-organized fraud can take a long time to organize. Let’s imagine that years ago the Chinese Communist Party began investing in college cultural centers and gave American universities lots of money for that privilege. What if further down the line — when those students were embedded in corporate and governmental roles — the CCP made overtures about working more closely together and followed up with cash, campaign donations, sexual graft and trips to Epstein Island? I wonder if over time China would became more important and America less important to the people on this CCP gravy train?

Time marches on, and as it does we slowly find that these same people now control too-big-tech, too-big-media, too-big-entertainment and top levels of both major American political parties and major global corporations. We also find that some of the second tier graspers and grifters have become state governors, secretaries of state, representatives and senators and even mid-level election officials.

Over those years, the same people decided that they liked the way the CCP rolled in controlling the Chinese nation and its people. They liked the way Christians and other religious minorities were controlled. They liked the black market for human organ transplants. They liked the reality of a government that told its population how things were going to be, and that was the end of the discussion. Maybe they decided that America should be more like China and that open debate should be censored here, just as it is there. Maybe they decided that tyranny was the world’s future.

Perhaps they saw that electronic voting machines were the perfect way to rid themselves of those pesky elections, where anything could happen (such as a President Donald Trump in 2016).

They might even have decided that just a few states could control an entire national election with undetectable fraud.

And maybe now they have been caught. Was their effort a conspiracy? A well-organized fraud? Or is it simply treason?

It is the just decree of Heaven that a traitor never sees his danger till his ruin is at hand. — Pietro Metastasio

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