Crime? What crime? Soros-backed prosecutors reshape legal landscape

By Around the Web

(WASHINGTON EXAMINER) — The Hungarian-born Democratic megadonor and billionaire George Soros has capitalized on a long-held cliche: All politics is local.

Despite the Democratic Party’s disappointing performance in down-ballot races on Election Day, some of its most left-wing activists enjoyed victories in local prosecutor races. Cities such as Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and St. Louis are now experimenting with radical changes to the criminal justice system that many on the Left say are a model for the rest of the country.

The funding of district attorney races from left-wing bankrollers like Soros over the last few years represents a strategic shift, building a farm team of sorts for the Democratic Party while also enacting sweeping policy changes to various cities without having to wait for legislative approval. Prosecutors often enjoy broad discretion over how a city will enforce its laws, meaning they are on the front line of its residents’ quality of life. In the words of Soros, prosecutors represent “the linchpin of the judicial system.”

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