Dairy Queen customers contribute to 900-vehicle ‘pay it forward’ chain

By Around the Web

(WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – A Dairy Queen in Brainerd, Minnesota, said its customers contributed to a 900-vehicle “pay it forward” chain worth more than $10,000 in sales.

Store manager Tina Jensen said it started Dec. 3, when one man decided to pay for the car behind him — prompting a chain of giving that lasted almost three full days, according to KARE 11.

“So the lady pulled up, and I said, ‘Just to let you know, the gentleman in front of you paid for your order. If you like, I can pay it forward, and you can pay for the order behind you, and we can keep this going.’ She’s like, ‘Really, why would he do that?’ I said we just have it every once in a while where someone will take care of the person behind them, and today is your lucky day.”

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