Demanding status for menial accomplishments

By Around the Web

(THE COLLEGE FIX) – A former English lecturer set the media – and social media – afire last week for an op-ed criticizing Joe Biden’s wife – specifically her insistence that people use the title “Dr.” before her name. Mrs. Biden has a doctorate in education, you see. An EdD.

As usual, the chattering class (mainstream media, blue checkmark progressives, et. al.) missed the point. Jill Biden’s critics allegedly are “misogynist” and “sexist,” the chatterers contend, because they’re denigrating a woman’s hard work.

But the real issue isn’t that Dr. Biden got an EdD, it’s that she insists upon using “Dr.” before her name … and mandates others to do the same. Over a degree that often is regarded as farcical.

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