Education secretary: ‘Fundamentally unfair’ to ask taxpayers to pay off student loans

By Around the Web

(CNS NEWS) – “I empathize with students who have taken on more debt than they should have,” Education Secretary Betsy DeVos told Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo on Thursday.

But DeVos said bailing out student borrowers is not the answer: “You’ve absolutely nailed the point that to ask taxpayers, two out of three of whom have not gone to college, to help underwrite the forgiveness of those one in three that have, is fundamentally unfair, not to mention all of the students who have shopped for value, who have saved, who have worked, who have paid down their student loans and have satisfied their debt, to then be asked to underwrite – write-off of other student loans. Again, fundamentally unfair.

“We’ve got to refocus this whole discussion around colleges providing value for what they offer students and – and giving students tools and transparency to make good decisions.”

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