JK Rowling receives ‘heartbreaking letters’ from transgender regretters

By Around the Web

(FAITHWIRE) – British author J.K. Rowling, known for her beloved “Harry Potter” series, is demanding an end to the “climate of fear” over the transgender debate, noting in a recent interview she’s received “heartbreaking letters” from people who have told her they regret their sex-reassignment surgeries.

Speaking with Good Housekeeping magazine, Rowling said many people “are afraid to speak up because they fear for their jobs and even for their personal safety.” The novelist herself has received death and rape threats as a result of her decision to share the simple truth that one’s sex is unchangeable.

While publicly, Rowling has been ridiculed for her scientifically backed perspective, the 55-year-old author said the vast majority – “more than 90%” – of the correspondence she’s received has “been supportive.”

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