Journalist blasts Christian forgiveness as ‘dog-whistle for conversion therapy’

By Bob Unruh


A writer for the Guardian newspaper of London contends Christian teaching on forgiveness and redemption is a “dog-whistle for conversion therapy.”

“Conversion therapy” is the pejorative term opponents use for counseling people who want to be free from same-sex attractions.

The comments by the writer, Fred McConnell, a woman who lives as a man, were accompanied by a diatribe against biblical sexual ethics recently by LGBT activist Jayne Ozanne, the U.K.’s Christian Institute noted,

“McConnell, who failed in a bid to be listed as ‘father’ on her child’s birth certificate last year, looked into the church’s beliefs after ‘hearing a rumor about a sermon being given’ on ‘Love the sinner, hate the sin,'” the institute said.

McConnell said: “I knew I would only ever be truly welcome if I accepted this insidious talk of ‘forgiveness’ and ‘redemption,’ which I would not be alone in hearing as a dog-whistle for conversion therapy.”

Ozanne, whose Ozanne Foundation recently issued a declaration to “affirm” LGBT lifestyles, wants a ban on anything that might “change, suppress or erase a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.”

The foundation even has demanded a law that would ban “calls to sexual abstinence.”

It also would ban help for those who started to transition but want to return to their birth gender.

McConnell wrote in a recent column that he went to church once a year as a child, on Christmas Eve, but no longer.

It was because after the birth of her child, the stakes “shot up.”

As “the queer and transgender father of a two-year-old,” she visited a church website, hoping for “inclusivity.”

But she said she found biblical teachings on the issue that prompted her decision to stay home, even while other family members went.

“As it turned out, my youngest nephew joined us in staying home. It made sense to everyone to let the older kids enjoy the experience, minus two madcap toddlers. I hoped I could give the two of them their own magical time, eating homemade mini mince pies, sharing a bath and snuggling under blankets to watch The Snowman, followed by The Snowman and the Snowdog.”

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