‘Made in China’ clothing means ‘Made by modern-day slaves’

By Around the Web

(CNS NEWS) – The acting deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Ken Cuccinelli, is warning Americans that “Made in China” cotton goods, such as blankets, sheets, and clothing, may have been made by Chinese slave labor, “modern-day slaves” in that Communist regime’s vast “new gulag archipelago.”

Up to three million Ughurs, Kazakhs, and other Muslims are being forcibly detained in an estimated 1,300 internment camps, where they are forced to make essentially “concentration camp souvenirs,” cloth products for sale in the global economy, explains Cuccinelli in a Dec. 15 commentary in Newsweek.

“As Americans of good conscience, we must stand up and refuse to buy these goods,” says Cuccinelli. “The Chinese government needs to immediately close its camps, set its captives free, stop its program of cultural annihilation and end its state-sponsored slavery program.”

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