Nearly 2/3 of Americans living paycheck to paycheck during pandemic

By Around the Web

(CNBC) — CHICAGO, Ill. — Money is not something anyone wants to worry about during the holidays. In a year still ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout however, it appears many will be struggling through the most festive part of 2020. A survey finds over 60 percent of Americans say they’re now living paycheck-to-paycheck as the year draws to a close.

The poll of over 2,000 Americans, commissioned by Highland Solutions, wanted to see how spending habits and personal finances in the U.S. are holding up during the pandemic. Their results find 63 percent of respondents have cut back on their spending due to COVID. Six in 10 say they’re doing it to be more cautious, but 49 percent add it’s because of losing income at work.

Between making more frugal choices and statewide shutdowns across America, a majority of respondents say the normal “night out” is taking the biggest hit. Sixty-four percent are cutting down on dining out or ordering takeout. Another 61 percent add they’re seeing fewer movies, 55 percent are buying less clothing, and 52 percent are traveling less.

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