New Mayo Clinic study shows real cost of antibiotics

By Around the Web

(LIBERTY NATION) – Upstaged by the Sturm and Drang of rising COVID cases in the media this week was far worse news about the health of our nation’s children. And in stark contrast to the science-bereft edicts keeping children out of school all over America and locked down again in many states, this bad news is backed by a credible study from a prestigious source.

The Mayo Clinic released the results of a study that demonstrated a strong association between administration of antibiotics to babies and toddlers and the onset of ADHD, asthma, eczema, obesity, allergies, and celiac disease later in childhood. Worse yet, multiple treatments with antibiotics before the age of two was associated with multiple conditions – a revelation that seems tragically and intuitively correct.

With the World Health Organization warning about a post-antibiotic age in which diseases such as malaria, gonorrhea, and tuberculosis are gaining resistance against Alexander Fleming’s groundbreaking discovery, this latest study is dire news indeed.

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