No middle ground in Georgia Senate races

By Star Parker

There is no word more overused in political life than “historic.”

But considering the runoff races for the two U.S. Senate seats in Georgia, “historic” is the right word.

There is little of what we once thought of as middle ground remaining in the nation. Today, we’ve got the left, the right and not much in the center.

With the far left now controlling the White House and the House of Representatives, only a Republican-controlled Senate stands in the way of what these two far-left centers of power want to do and will be able to do.

If Republicans do not win at least one of the two Georgia Senate races — leaving them a 51-seat Senate majority — stand by for the most sweeping left-wing rewrite of our national script ever.

Think about the Equality Act, which Joe Biden has set as a legislative priority for his first 100 days.

The Equality Act pretends to protect rights of LGBTQ individuals. But, like all left-wing rhetoric about protecting rights, it is really about using political power to force a given agenda on all of us, in violation of the rights of those with competing values.

The law would open the door to eradicating any biological basis to defining gender and leave it to individuals to decide for themselves what sex they happen to be — at any given moment.

These self-defined she-men, he-women and all combinations thereof would become a legally protected class, meaning it would be against the law for any facilities in public spaces to give credence to men and women as unique, distinct, biologically determined entities.

I am speaking about mandated same-sex bathrooms and locker rooms in all public spaces, including public schools.

Biden has committed to appointing LGBTQ individuals to an array of federal government positions.

This has nothing to do with protecting rights. This is about using political power to advance LGBTQ.

Can anyone imagine the fallout if any president were to announce a priority of appointing evangelical Christian Americans to an array of federal positions?

For sure, I will receive threats and hate mail from those who allegedly care about freedom, because they think freedom means advancing their values at the expense of mine.

Sex and gender are far from the only areas where the Biden left is totally detached from what was once known as reality.

As the nation swims in red ink — with a mind-boggling $3 trillion deficit for the 2020 fiscal year and national debt equal to the size of our entire economy — Biden’s economic team thinks government should be spending much more and be financed by trillions more debt bequeathed to our children and grandchildren. As capsulized by the Wall Street Journal, Biden’s “advisers are also known for advocating expanded government spending they say would boost the economy’s long-term potential, in areas that are liberal priorities such as education, infrastructure and the green economy, and policy changes aimed at narrowing racial disparities in the economy.”

Because ideology, not facts, is what interests liberals. They ignore the historically low black unemployment rates and a historically low gap in black unemployment against the national average, all of which resulted from President Donald Trump’s tax cuts and deregulation.

There is a long record showing that it’s freedom and limited government that maximize economic growth and opportunity.

Sympathy is high in black communities to empower parents to choose the school where their children learn. The left-wing crowd now in power is hostile toward this idea, including the economist who will take over as head of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers.

For sure, Democrats will spend tens of millions in Georgia, much of it targeted at Georgia’s sizable black population to get large turnout for the Democrats.

But blacks, or any other Georgians, who think their personal future or the future of the country lies with moral and fiscal bankruptcy should think again.