The Obamas despise blacks

By Mychal Massie

I’ve never in my life been more offended by two people than I am by Obama and the contumacious ingrate he calls a wife. Together they’re offensive on every quantifiable level. They are boorish and epitomize the most unflattering characteristics of those viewed as common and uncouth.

But that doesn’t stop them from disparaging others for personal gain. Yet the very people they belittle and malign, afford them almost godlike status. Even more condemnable is that they advance the sadistic characterization of the thick-lipped, nappy-head, shiftless coloreds who are unsophisticated, uneducated troublemakers who destroy and reduce neighborhoods to rubble wherever they go. They’re worse than white liberals who do same.

Obama’s most recent put down of blacks was when he claimed that white people object to defunding the police because they’re afraid if that happens, black predators will come into their neighbors and cause trouble.

These two skin-color mongers and those like them prostitute divisionism based upon accusations of “white privilege” and accusations of white people being unconscious racists/bigots. But, they would have you overlook one important fact.

The Obamas and those like them are the people who hold blacks in contempt and are lauded for proffering the lowest opinion of black people.

It’s not Christians, conservatives nor white people in general who speak and view blacks disparagingly. It’s the self-important skin-color prostitutes like the Obamas, Biden, the mainstream media, ad nauseam, who look down upon blacks. Even more repulsive, this contempt for blacks is taught in the highest levels of academia. And it is most certainly a view held by white college-educated liberal professionals.

Blacks are portrayed as being incapable of obtaining the same photo identification the poorest, most unsophisticated white person easily obtains. Illegal aliens who are unable to speak English can find their way to state agencies responsible for identification, but not black Americans.

The problem with Obama’s fallacious and myopically prejudiced worldview is that, sadly, many blacks view the realities of life as a cultural endemic representative of white privilege.

I and all of my friends are examples of the American dream. We came from humble beginnings and worked like dogs to make a better life. When the father of my one lifelong friend passed away, he took over the business.T he Obama’s and those like him would have you believe my friend was benefactor of white privilege. In actually, he was the recipient of a business doomed to failure if he hadn’t worked and sacrificed to make it into what it is today.

My friends and I are blessed, because we’ve watched our children grow up to exceed our expectations, raising the bar of expectation even higher for their children.

But those like Obama and his disgusting spouse look at blacks as being uneducated life forms that behave poorly and in an uncivilized manner. The fact that when they publicly say that and it’s accepted without rebuke, proves my point.

The Obamas package their remarks as primary causal reasons and/or factors for white people not wanting to defund police and moving out of neighborhoods blacks move into. But what they are really saying is that blacks are like locusts, i.e., wherever they go they soil and destroy.

This is the view white liberals hold of blacks, which is why they hate people such as myself, who not only believe in the American dream, but who are proof that it exists for all people.

That is the message those like the Obamas cannot allow the masses to publicly assert – because if the public as a whole accepts the truth I am speaking, America will no longer be ripe for subversion by heinous contaminants intent upon using the fabrication of social injustice and racism as a means to transform America into a communist state.

It isn’t the average white person who is racist and bigoted; it’s the better-than-thou bigots like the Obamas who use skin color to create a zeitgeist of animosity and recrimination based upon prostituted falsehoods that there is a lack of opportunity and equality in America for every so-called black person but them and their kind.

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