Princeton prof declared support for Trump, though it was ‘suicidal’ to do so

By Around the Web

(CAMPUS REFORM) – Princeton University mathematics professor Sergiu Klainerman, who previously challenged Princeton’s “systemic racism” narrative, discussed why he decided to vote for President Donald Trump in 2020 in a Newsweek op-ed.

Although “95 percent” of academics hold Trump “in contempt,” Klainerman explained his “irresistible need” to explain why he decided to vote for the president, though it is “suicidal for an academic today to be upfront about this.”

“As a former refugee from totalitarian, communist Romania, I feel a moral obligation to speak out and prove that academics don’t need to think and act in lockstep,” said Klainerman, who is opposed to big government, identity politics, higher taxes, and other “things Democrats push for.”

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