Schumer supporting Biden plan to create open showers in public schools

By WND Staff

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., on the Senate floor Sept. 21, 2020 (Video screenshot)

Barack Obama issued an executive order just before leaving office forcing schools receiving federal funding to let boys who “identify” as girls use girls’ bathrooms and showers.

President Trump immediately reversed the order. But, now, Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says he supports Biden’s vow to restore Obama’s order on his first day in office.

Schumer was asked by a reporter Tuesday: “Joe Biden said that on his first day of office, he will give transgender students access to sports, bathrooms and locker rooms in accordance with their gender identity in federally funded schools. Do you think he has the ability to do this and do you agree with his decision?”

Schumer responded, “I agree with the decision and I know he’ll check things out thoroughly, legally.”

Jordan Davidson at The Federalist noted that Biden also has promised to “immediately reverse” Trump administration policies that he believes are discriminatory and implement an agenda to “advance global LGBTQ+ rights and development.”

Biden also could support legislation regarding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” that could infringe on religious liberty.

During a townhall in October, he promised a mother he would “flat-out just change the law” to accommodate young children who want to “change their gender.”

“The idea that an 8-year-old child or a 10-year-old child decides, you know, ‘I decided I want to be transgender. That’s what I think I’d like to be. It would make my life a lot easier.’ There should be zero discrimination,” he said.

Obama’s order prompted numerous lawsuits, including some that are ongoing. In one, a school district told students to use an different locker room if they refused to share facilities with those of the opposite sex.

One teacher was fired for calling a girl a girl, and a transgender student shot at other students who allegedly were mocking the student.

Even the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg rejected the claim that single-sex spaces are discriminatory.



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