Seattle School District accuses U.S. of ‘spirit murder’ against black students

By Around the Web

(FREE BEACON) – Seattle Public Schools held a teacher-training session where it asserted that the U.S. education system is responsible for committing “spirit murder” against black students.

The school district’s critical race theory training, according to documents released Friday by City Journal contributing editor Christopher Rufo, instructed white teachers to recognize their “considerable power and privilege.” A slide on “building community” listed bullet points for teachers to discuss, including “spirit murder” – a term defined as the murder of “the souls of black children every day through systemic, institutionalized, anti-black, state-sanctioned violence.”

Other slides instructed white teachers to “bankrupt [their] privilege,” acknowledge their “thieved inheritance,” and “commit to the journey” of anti-whiteness even if their “lizard brain” makes them fearful of having a conversation about racism–”or any other kind of ‘-ism.'”

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