Senate GOP has ‘incredible tool’ to probe Hunter Biden scandal

By Bob Unruh

Amid the collapse of the Hunter Biden “protection chamber,” upcoming Senate hearings on Joe Biden’s nominations provide Republicans with an opportunity to question top officials who were in a position to know about the Biden family’s influence-peddling operation, points out The Federalist’s Christopher Bedford.

“After a year of partisan attacks and obfuscations, media smears and derision, and Big Tech censorship and de-platformings, this week the Hunter Biden protection chamber finally collapsed,” Bedford wrote, referring to the Biden-Harris transition team’s announcement that the Justice Department is investigating Hunter Biden’s taxes.

Among Biden’s intended nominees, noted Bedford, are former White House Chief of Staff and Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough for Veterans Affairs; former Deputy National Security Councilor and Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken for State; and former Deputy National Security Advisor and Deputy Director of the CIA Avril Haines for director of national intelligence.

In addition, there’s former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, “an apparent expert at wielding government power to help connected Democratic politicians,” for Homeland Security; and  former Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel for Transportation.

Senate Republicans will have the opportunity, he said, to ask “these sterling Obama-Biden veterans to acknowledge the reporting on Hunter’s alleged infractions.”

“There’s more than a year of it already out there, and despite the Democratic-big tech-media campaign to suppress, discredit, and censor good reporting and even government statements, the now very-public grand jury and Department of Justice investigations demonstrate that earlier suspicions were at least worth digging into,” wrote Bedford.

It’s going to be “very awkward,” he said, when the nominees are forced to either claim ignorance or “cop up to the grimy details.”

Further, Joe Biden’s nominee for attorney general will be confronted with whether or not to recuse from Hunter Biden investigations and ensure deputies don’t interfere.

When Joe Biden was vice president, Bedford pointed out, Attorney General Eric Holder boasted of being President Obama’s “wingman.”

“What kind of wingman prosecutes his buddy’s kid for selling influence to foreign adversaries?”

Fox News noted establishment media refused to cover the New York Post’s bombshell reports in October on the evidence from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop. Among the evidence was an email, verified by a former Hunter Biden business partner, indicating Joe Biden was to receive a cut of the profits from a deal with a Chinese energy firm tied to the Communist Party.

But Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent at the time called it “Trump’s fake new Biden scandal,” declaring the allegations were “laughably weak.”

“While Trump and his propagandists would surely prefer to have a more compelling scandal to tout, the thinness of this new gruel is largely secondary,” he wrote. “Trump’s last-ditch hope is to cast a vague pall of corruption over Biden. … But plainly, the mere fact of covering smears and disinformation, even negatively, itself rewards their purveyors.”


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