Students revolt against college’s attempt to fire teacher for criticizing feminism

By Around the Web

(THE FEDERALIST) – With the prevalence of cancel culture, far too often we have witnessed young and woke students demanding the firing of their teacher because something he or she said offended their leftist senses. In light of this, it’s especially refreshing to see students at Eton rallying to support a teacher who was fired over his speech.

Founded in 1440 by King Henry VI and boasting a tuition cost of $57,000 (USD) a year, Eton College is one of the most prestigious high schools in the United Kingdom. Its all-male student body – comprised of 13- to 18-year-olds – is known for educating royals and future political elites in the U.K, counting Prince William and Prime Minister Boris Johnson amongst its alumni.

Will Knowland, the teacher at the center of this controversy, has taught at Eton for nine years. Recently, Knowland made a 33-minute video for his online class entitled “The Patriarchy Parody.” His stated goal was to make his students aware of the “different point of views to the current radical feminist orthodoxy.”

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