The exhausting charade of politicians pretending to do something

By Sean Harshey

As the 2020 presidential election drags into a new month with no official winner (mainstream media opinion has no legal authority to declare a winner, regardless of how important they believe themselves to be), Americans are being treated to the worst political spectacle imaginable: Never-ending “hearings.”

These are not the ordinary kind of hearings, located on Capitol Hill and presided over by one party while the opposition party squawks about being treated unfairly. Those are as predictable as possible and seem designed to be induce sleep. The current election fraud hearings in several states are like a cluster bomb of hearings, fired from the same Election Day vote-fraud Howitzer but spreading out to impact a wide area.

But, like shell shock, people have grown numb to it all.

Americans have grown used to the shell game where politicians recognize growing public anger about an issue, make speeches to provide soundbites for their base and go on Sunday shows to pound the table and denounce the matter as a disgrace. Their answer is always a promise to hold hearings to get to the bottom of the issue, then conduct a meaningless dog and pony show that is supposed to make it look like they are doing something.

The Benghazi hearings in 2014 — featuring Hillary Clinton with her face in her hand projecting hopeless boredom during her questioning — is the worst example. After all the outrage, hours of testimony and millions of tax dollars spent, House Republicans never asked Hillary any of the simple questions Americans had. Questions like, “Where were you and what were you doing during the Benghazi terror attack?” It was all just a show. House Republicans had to make it look like they were doing something and Hillary had to sit through it.

The constant hearings with tech company CEOs are another example. These hearings are not designed to actually do anything, besides give the appearance government is holding someone responsible for their treatment of American consumers. The objective appears to be to hold enough hearings for people to lose interest or be distracted by some other outrage.

Ballot recounts, along with the various hearings, have the same feel as congressional hearings: a staged performance with no real substance. The recounts in Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona are largely meaningless, because the concern is unexplained boxes of ballots that appeared in the middle of the night during times when officials stopped counting.

If suspicious ballots are fraudulent or otherwise invalid or unlawful, simply recounting the same ballots is meaningless. In Atlanta, where election officials are desperate to wipe clean the electronic voting machines, destroying evidence of fraud from their election-night stoppage (blamed on a burst water pipe that is now known to have never happened) a judge ordered the machines preserved.

He immediately reversed his own ruling, though, allowing the data destruction to take place. This week we learned a Dominion Voting Systems technician responsible for scanning ballots was an actual Kamala Harris campaign official, boasting online that he served as campaign photographer, posting selfies with Harris and denouncing President Trump as a puppet of white supremacists.

Once again, there is at least an appearance to ordinary Americans that officials in a position to shed light on a disturbing matter are doing nothing besides making it look like they are doing something. The recounts, the hearings, the court orders going back and forth: They seem intended to do nothing more than to give ammunition to major media to gaslight Americans to stop questioning the election results. “We gave you a recount, we gave you a hearing, we gave you a day in court. Now shut up and concede!”

In the same way many fainthearted Republicans abandoned Trump in the first few years of his administration, terrified of Democrats’ and media accusations of Russian collusion, it is pathetic how few allies President Trump has standing with him in the basic effort to simply verify there was no fraud in places with freakish count-stoppages and ballot dumps in Democratic-controlled areas that all swung key states for Joe Biden. The fact that Democrats are fighting so ferociously to impede scrutiny of ballots or machines in these places speaks volumes.

The result of these failures to address voter concerns is having an impact on the upcoming Georgia Senate runoff. Disgust and a collapse in confidence that voting is fair and secure is driving voters to apathy. Indeed, what is the point of voting if Democrats are able to simply stop counting ballots to see how many votes they need and have boxes of ballots show up on a truck in the middle of the night with sufficient Democratic votes?

Why should anyone bother to vote when the voting machine company is owned or run by Democrats who refuse to allow any independent examination of their machines, and Republican state officials in charge of oversight will run interference for Democrats while judges delay and change their rulings until Democrats wipe the election data off the machines?

Why should anyone waste their time voting when everyone already knows who is going to be declared the winner? If this is the way it is, what is the difference between American elections in Democratic-run cities and those in Central American or the Middle East? Elections become a mere formality, the purpose being simply to make officials appear legitimate. Just as hearings in Washington are just a show to make it look like politicians are doing something.

This is why President Trump’s fight is so profound. If this obvious fraud is allowed to stand unchallenged, there is no longer any point in holding elections.


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