Undergoing surgery on a surgeon’s birthday tied to greater death risk, study warns

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(STUDY FINDS) — LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Here’s a new study that throws some serious support behind the idea that no one should work on their birthday. Researchers at UCLA say older patients who undergo emergency surgery on their surgeon’s birthday are more likely to die within a month than others who have the same or similar procedures on different days.

Among surgery patients over age 65, mortality rates are 23 percent higher among those treated on their surgeon’s birthday.

So, what’s going on here? Everyone wants to kick back a bit and celebrate on their birthday, but that of course doesn’t stop countless people from working anyway. Responsibilities and obligations take precedence, of course. Surgeons are no different from anyone else and study authors speculate these highly skilled doctors may be distracted during surgery due to turning one year older. As of now, however, that’s just a theory.

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