Christians, do not abandon our president, Donald Trump

By Larry Tomczak

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In my study I have a large poster that I once presented to Dr. Alveda King, niece of MLK Jr., one of my heroes. He stated, “In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

After the infamous Watergate scandal, Billy Graham was asked about Richard Nixon. He said, “I am still his friend. I have not forsaken him. I have met and prayed with him many times.”

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity” (Proverbs 17:17). A British leader, Bryn Jones, once told me, “Pressure reveals the person.” It also proves loyalty, which is only tested in adversity.

As President Trump continues to face enormous challenges and never-ending hammering by politicians, press, platforms of social media and even some high-profile Christian leaders, there is so much swirling around us that I venture to ask, “Do we really understand what’s happening in America?”

Time for Clarity and Courage

In the New Testament it tells us, “If the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, who will prepare himself for the battle?” (1 Corinthians 14:8) Throughout history a trumpet or bugle has been used in military situations to awaken troops and alert them to take designated action.

As Christians who love God and our country, it’s imperative that we know what’s happening on our watch so we can follow divine direction for ourselves, our families and the future of America.

Understanding what is happening in the spirit realm regarding our toxic and deeply disturbing situation (unfolding on the heels of the chaotic and chilling 2020 season) requires keen discernment. This is very serious, and we mustn’t “check out of the hotel” because of fear, uncomfortableness or weariness.

We are engaged in a cosmic struggle between forces of good and evil. There are players on stage, but God wants us to look behind the scenes and see the spirits without bodies seeking to destroy the United States of America as a covenant-based constitutional republic founded upon Judeo-Christian principles “for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.”

“For our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Therefore, take up the whole armor of God that you may be able to resist in the evil day, and having done all, to stand” (Ephesians 6:12-14a).

In this “evil day,” if we don’t stand for something, then we will fall for anything. I’m persuaded that the majority of people aren’t aware of what’s happening currently. They are also being intimidated to remain silent lest they be labeled “racist … bigot … white supremacist … homophobic, intolerant and ignorant” if they identify with the “dictatorial” and “deranged” (as Nancy Pelosi calls him) Donald Trump. I’m blowing the trumpet so we have a crystal clear understanding of exactly what is happening in this crisis.

Double Standard and Duplicity

Recently, over 100,000 people, representing 74 million who voted to reelect President Trump, assembled legitimately and peacefully in Washington, D.C. I covered the event with a veteran news analyst who was on site while I worked from home.

Exercising First Amendment rights and appealing for further scrutiny of what countless millions believe was criminal activity (not “shenanigans”) in the presidential election, masses (including myself listening from home) heard the president make a credible case and then encourage supporters to “remain peaceful”… to “walk down to the Capitol” and “cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women.”

Having lived in the D.C. area for 24 years, I personally participated in over 20 similar peaceful (pro-life) marches.

There have also been plenty of non-peaceful antiwar demonstrations, sit-ins in politicians’ offices, Black Lives Matter violent, property-destroying protests plus radical feminist events, like the one featuring Madonna screaming expletives and declaring, “I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House!” The leftist-leaning media and Democratic politicians basically attach no significance to such incendiary remarks or others like them.

Trump-Haters’ Obsession

Amidst unbelievably lax security, a few hundred angry activists seized the D.C. moment Jan. 6 for political theater and venting hostilities. The riotous behavior was in stark contrast to years of Trump rallies. Who were the instigators? Why were authorities totally unprepared? Prior to the event, why were offers for increased security declined?

The Democrats and sympathetic media had a field day blaring giant size headlines like “Trump Supporters Storm the Capitol.” Biden labeled them “domestic terrorists” as Democratic leaders (noticeably muted during months of mayhem, destruction, injuries to police officers and people plus the killing of a policeman) quickly launched another impeachment initiative stating that President Trump “incited an insurrection”!

This is an unfair fabrication not based in fact but political prejudice. And while the president could’ve been quicker to repudiate the violence like we all have, it’s obvious the Democratic leaders want to humiliate the president and continue their four-year obsession to remove him from office.

Purging Politicians and People

Opponents of Mr. Trump are now emboldened and intent on intimidating his supporters, removing his political allies and blocking all his media outlets. We are watching the “cancel culture” on steroids as many in the Washington establishment distance themselves from the president to hold onto their careers and avoid being tarred and feathered.

Somehow Biden and his new administration’s flowery rhetoric calling for Americans to “unify and work together peacefully” seems hollow. If they want to promote unity, how can they engage in such divisive conduct and stoke fires in 74 million citizens?

What’s unfolding should remind us of Nazi Germany forcing Jews to wear Star of David patches during the Holocaust.

Rewinding Tape/Replaying History

Someone said that life is a mixture of amnesia and déjà vu. We should make no apologies for rehearsing history. It’s not by accident that God required Israel to yearly rehearse significant events in their journey.

A little over four years ago a rough and tumble Donald Trump emerged on the political scene. I was one of a thousand senior leaders invited to New York to listen to him and discern if he was for real.

Sitting behind Franklin Graham and Dr. James Dobson, I was honored to be in attendance and took seriously my assignment along with the assembled men and women of God.

That day and up until the present, I know Donald Trump is not a typical politician but a unique, flawed “street fighter” who loves America and the opportunities it has afforded him – and he believed he had to run to stop our decline. He’s an outlier I believe was providentially provided in answer to prayer.

At a pivotal time with our nation at a crossroads, a champion seemingly emerged out of nowhere to systematically vanquish establishment Republicans, upset heavily favored media darling Hillary Clinton and rally patriotic, God-fearing, traditional Americans, saying that our best days were not behind us but that we had a divine destiny and we needed to reclaim it!

The opposition party was careening off course from its traditional ideals and embracing a radical, left-wing socialist agenda. Donald Trump was fearless in exposing the fakery of their news and narratives seducing the unsuspecting.

He used his business acumen to turn around our economy and unashamedly called out other nations taking advantage of us. He made promises and kept them; initiated bold initiatives to better the lives of veterans and minorities; cut regulations to make us energy independent; terminated wasteful spending and bogus deals; and he unashamedly stood for the sanctity of life and honored our historic relationship with the nation of Israel.

The grass-roots MAGA movement is real and remains strong, and Mr. Trump is a major spokesman. The radical leftist, Marxist, socialist activists know we in the church and culture must be silenced and rendered ineffective to advance their progressive agenda. We collectively are “salt” that must not lose our saltiness to prevent decay or we’ll be “good for nothing but to be thrown out and to be trampled underfoot by men” as Jesus warned (Matthew 5:13).

Here’s the deal: I’ve shared from my heart and over 50 years in ministry what I believe to be an overview of what’s really happening in America and it requires a courageous response.

Now is not the time to distance ourselves from our president, Donald Trump, for he has withstood horrendous opposition and with all his flaws remained rock solid in upholding the values that made America great, “for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.” I beseech you to pray for him and not abandon him in his hour of need.


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