The film trilogy that explains the canceling of Donald Trump

By Brent Smith

What? Another movie analogy? Yep. It’s life imitating art, or art imitating life, or something like that. It works – that’s all I know.

In the “John Wick” trilogy of movies, Wick (Keanu Reeves) is the world’s most feared assassin. But as feared as he is, even amongst his peers, there is another, even more menacing. It is the body that controls all underworld/criminal activity worldwide. It’s called the High Table. In short, the High Table is a council of the highest-level crime lords, which governs and oversees the underworld’s most powerful criminal organizations.

There are strict rules that must be followed to “serve under the High Table,” and one must pledge his absolute loyalty to the Table.

As the trilogy progresses, John Wick runs afoul of these rules. For this the consequence is his elimination. An “Open Contract” is placed on his head, and his peers get to work to try to fulfill the contract.

Does any of this sound familiar? It should.

Donald Trump is John Wick, and all those who oppose his policies are officials on the High Table council.

For the crime of not pledging his undying loyalty, for non-adherence to Deep State dogma and attempting to undermine the authority of this criminal enterprise, an “Open Contract” of sorts has been placed on “Don” Wick’s head.

The American High Table is the merger of Democrats, deep state Republicans, Big Tech, media and finance. They have a full-court press on to ruin Donald Trump. They are literally hitting him from all sides, working toward this common end.

Trump has been the bane of their existence since he announced he was running for president in 2015. And like John Wick, Trump, to them, is the most dangerous man in America.

No one thought he could pull it off, become president that is, and certainly no one suspected that he would follow through on his campaign promises. For a variety of reasons, no modern-day president had done so.

And for this he is being persecuted – for simply trying to do the right thing, trying to do right for the country he so obviously loves, and trying to protect it, and us, from those who obviously hate it, or wish to use it for their own selfish gains.

For his insolence, the president is banned by the social media seat of the High Table.

The federal seat is trying to force Don Wick out by any means necessary – impeachment, second impeachment, 25th Amendment, handcuffs and leg irons if they can get away with it.

The states/cities seat at the High Table is also busy trying to inflict as much pain as they can muster. A few days ago the New York Post reported that NYC Mayor De Blasio has canceled an estimated $45 million contract the city has with the Trump organization. Why? No reason other than Don Wick he ran afoul of the High Table.

The finance seat at the High Table is also busy. Deutsche Bank, the primary lender to Trump for decades, is now refusing to do business with him. Signature Bank is also closing his accounts.

Even the PGA and British golf organization are canceling Don Wick, although it’s not known if golf has a seat at the Table.

Bottom line: They are attempting to completely cancel Donald J. Trump. And as scary as this is, here’s something else to ponder.

If they can do this to the president of the United States, they can do it to you – and they will.

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