Medicine – and dissent – in turbulent times

By Jane M. Orient, M.D.

Note: Dr. Orient is executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, AAPS.

Students of history feel that we are living in a time comparable to 1848 (the Spring of Nations) in Europe, 1917 in Russia, 1933 in Germany – or the times of the French Revolution, the American Revolution or the U.S. Civil War.

Most Americans who are alive today have lived in a period of relative political stability and ideological clarity. It never occurred them that they might be facing dilemmas like those their ancestors did in times preceding the American Revolution or Civil War – or those that immigrants from Cuba, Romania, communist China, the Soviet Union and other totalitarian states came to America to escape. Most Americans, especially young ones, have no knowledge of history.

The people who were experiencing those times of upheaval had absolutely no clue about the future. They therefore tried to make best predictions they could and bet on various outcomes. They joined different factions based upon their place in the societal structure and upon their predictions and bets. Some guessed right, and many were wrong. Millions of people were killed, and many were forced into exile.

Most Americans are – or have been – apathetic about politics. But politics is coming for them. People in the upper middle class have felt secure – they have assets, live in a safe neighborhood, still have a paycheck or pension, and have not knowingly offended anyone. But their gated communities have been crashed.

Even the privileged elite know they are no longer safe. Imagine an interloper – of whatever faction – putting his feet on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk while she had to run and hide! And someone carried off her podium. He did get arrested, unlike those who scoop up expensive cosmetics at Walgreens.

The struggling middle-class “deplorables” have been toiling away like the faithful horse Boxer in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” trusting in the system. They hoped that a messiah named Donald Trump would rescue them. But the essential industries are still in China, the temporary relief from taxes and regulations is about to be suddenly reversed, and the faction that deems them deplorable appears to be in total control of the federal government. A huge percentage of Americans believe that their votes don’t count.

So, what is left? This is the question asked by a man who stormed the Capitol on Jan 6 – an action he never dreamed he would consider.

The current crisis is complicated by the COVID-19 panic. Some speculate that it could be a biological warfare attack. Or perhaps it might as well be. It has resulted in terror much worse than on 9/11.

Besides deaths attributed to the virus, there are the deaths that have resulted, or will result from the lockdowns – from denial of medical care, suicide, drug abuse and poverty.

The measures government and its partners – big tech, news media, even most medical organizations – are imposing to “protect” us from a viral disease are the same as those used to suppress political dissent. Social media postings by Donald Trump or persons concerned about election fraud are being suppressed now – but messages from those promoting early COVID treatment have been canceled for months. One cannot post anything that might relate to COVID without an obligatory referral to the Ministry of Truth. The central message is: NO early at-home treatment except the very expensive intravenous monoclonal antibodies possibly available in some facilities under an Emergency Use Authorization (not the same as FDA approval, which requires a lot of evidence).

Independent medical treatment, even advice about vitamins, is discouraged or even banned. Once in hospital, patients are at the mercy of the corporate protocol – with no nosy visitors to check for over-sedation, incorrect or missed medications, failure to check for urine output, or overflowing trash cans.

Normal social interactions or non-favored enterprises that generate income are severely restricted, ostensibly to inhibit coronavirus. There is no evidence for effectiveness for this purpose – but they do inhibit the spread of the dissent virus and cripple potential dissenters economically.

Plans to force people to take minimally tested vaccines, at least if they don’t want to be under house arrest, are being considered, despite the acknowledged facts that they are not a magic bullet, might not prevent transmission and might not work against mutant strains.

Lack of early treatments for which there is substantial and growing evidence may cause more than 100,000 needless deaths. The destruction of liberty and the institution of socialism has caused 100 million deaths in history. Desperate actions by people with nothing left to lose wreak havoc.

Those who are for protecting human lives are against censorship, central planning and unfettered, unaccountable government – and for freedom and individual rights.


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