Poll: 40% of Biden supporters expect brand-new ‘civil war’

By Bob Unruh


Joe Biden speaks on Election Night 2020 (Video screenshot)

Amid Joe Biden’s calls for “unity,” a new poll finds 40% of his supporters say they believe “our country may likely be headed to a civil war or other significant upheaval.”

Only 31% of Biden supporters did not believe that, according to the poll by the Frontier Center’s Ear to the Ground, reported Paul Bedard in his “Washington Secrets” column for the Washington Examiner.

The poll found 71% of President Trump’s supporters believe civil war is likely. Only 8% said it was not.

Among Biden supporters, 29% were unsure, and among Trump backers, 20% weren’t certain.

“The controversy over the disputed election outcome is crystallizing the view that a new Civil War is coming. Trump supporters view the election not as the end point, now, but as a phase line in a war that has already begun,” Anne Sorock Segal of the Frontier Center told Bedard.

Segal offered other results of the survey, Bedard reported.

When asked, “Who won the election technically?” the responses were:

  • If you believe Civil War coming: 17% Biden won, 81% Trump won, 3% unsure
  • If you believe no Civil War coming: 55% Biden, 25% Trump, 14% unsure
  • Unsure on Civil War: 40% Biden, 48% Trump, 12% unsure

Trump said Friday on Twitter there were 75 million “great American Patriots” who voted for him, and they “will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future.”

The Secrets column commented, “Soul searching and lecturing following the election and Wednesday’s Capitol protests and riots have done nothing to tamp down GOP outrage.”

“Several other polls throughout the election showed rising concern of a potential civil war. This weeks’ protests and riots on Capitol Hill and other state capitals suggest the polling is pretty accurate,” Bedard wrote.

A Biden campaign manager labeled Republicans a “bunch of f******” while calling for unity. And an evangelical leader said that if Biden is serious about unity he would invite Christian leaders to the table to discuss an agenda.

In a speech, Biden blamed Trump for the deaths of 200,000 Americans due to COVID-19 then called for unity.

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