Rush Limbaugh: MAGA will not go away

By Bob Unruh

Rush Limbaugh (Video screenshot courtesy

Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh says he doubts President Trump will leave office before the Jan. 20 inauguration of Joe Biden.

Not by resignation, impeachment or the 25th Amendment.

But he says what is scaring Democrats is that the more than 74 million voters who supported Trump in November are “not going anywhere.”

“Even if Trump does, you’re not,” he told his listeners Friday.

“They remain scared to death of you, and they remain scared to death of Trump. Trump’s 75 million, 80 million votes. And I’m gonna tell you, you’re not going anywhere,” he said.

“You know what you believe. You know what your vision for the country is. You’re not gonna give up on it. You’re not gonna go packing away. I mean, some of you may not vote the next chance you get, although I would caution against saying that.”

He said Democrats can’t “separate you from MAGA, they can’t separate you from Make America Great Again, which I think remains one of our big campaign strengths going forward.”

“The idea that making this country great is somehow bad, the idea that making America great — either again or period — is something controversial, to me is a big plus in our column,” said Limbaugh.

He said the country is nowhere near reaching the point where a majority think America being great is a problem.

“It remains an objective for millions of people. It remains a goal, because it means so much to people in their real lives,” he said. “Most Americans do not think America is the problem in the world. A number of Americans do. They’ve been brainwashed in public education and in higher education.”

He argued Make America Great Again is a “concept of ideas rooted in the founding of our country, the writing of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence.”

“And it remains the bulwark. It remains the definition of America — both terms of morality and virtue and decency in politics — that people want to strive for.”

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