Trump throws in the towel and embraces GOP establishment

By Larry Klayman

Over the last many weeks, until Thursday, our President Donald Trump (I do not recognize Joe Biden as the commander in chief given his having obtained the office of president through fraud), has been vilifying the establishment wing of the now politically dead Republican Party, for them having thrown him under the bus in his fight to retain the White House. Indeed, the two Republican “leaders” in Congress, now Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in the Senate and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in the House of Representatives, both condemned Trump for allegedly inciting violence at the Capitol three weeks ago last Wednesday – and in the case of the despicable McConnell, he even entertained the option of impeaching and convicting The Donald for alleged “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

In the aftermath of the Capitol event – and that is what I call it since in my opinion Trump neither incited violence, nor was the “event” a riot as depicted by the establishment in the swamp and on cable news in particular – the president receded from public view, in effect in exile to his palace at Mara Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. Licking his fatal wounds, word was leaked by his confidants – the few The Donald has and can trust – that he would move on and possibly create a new political party, which would be named the Patriot Party.

However, this plan now seems to have been ditched, as just last Thursday Trump met with McCarthy at his estate, and the two exchanged pleasantries, with the president promising this half-wit of an establishment leader that he would remain in the fold and help elect more Republicans to the House of Representatives in the next congressional elections, in 2022.

Having been stabbed in the back by “his party,” one has to ask why Trump threw in the towel and abandoned his plans to create a real party for conservatives, persons of faith, libertarians and those of us who believe and are willing to fight for our Founding Fathers’ vision and creation of a free country.

Sadly, the answer is simple! Fearing that if he did not go along with McCarthy’s entreaties, Trump believed that establishment Republicans in Congress could help convict him in the upcoming impeachment trial and bar him from ever running for national office again. What’s more, Trump wanted to show solidarity with his former colleagues given the real threat he and his family face, that they could soon be falsely indicted by a Biden Justice Department and the rabid leftist Democratic prosecutor in Manhattan, the less than honorable Cyrus Vance, over tax and other “Trumped up” witch hunts and matters. In short, it appears The Donald, feeling isolated and vulnerable, and to provide cover should he need it, agreed to remain part of a large established entity, the now moribund Republican Party.

While there may be other reasons for Trump’s capitulation, this is my learned theory why he now has sold out along with the rest of the Republican hacks in our nation’s capital and around the country in state capitols. It’s more of the same old same old.

Trump may reemerge in the future in some capacity, but for all practical and realistic purposes, his time has come and gone. Throwing in the towel to the Republican establishment appears to show that he is too wounded to ever fully regain his confidence and force to lead the nation back from the socialism and communism now, since Biden was inaugurated on Jan. 20, being thrust upon We the People in a deluge of unconstitutional executive orders – with much more on the horizon to come.

The irony of course is that Trump becoming a card-carrying member of the compromised and corrupt Republican establishment is proof positive that the citizenry is now fully on its own to reclaim the republic from the clutches of the left.

And, this is what I have been preaching of late and why I have been pushing fellow patriots not only to read our Declaration of Independence but also my new book, “It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry!”

We the People are now on our own, and if we wish to protect and preserve the freedoms bequeathed to us by our forefathers, we must collectively rise up before all is lost.

Listen to my podcast and radio show of today and this weekend, embedded below, and let us band together to take back our nation from the brink of what as of now is almost certain destruction.

As I say at the end of nearly all of my broadcasts, God helps those who help themselves. He and His Son certainly gave Their Divine Providence to our Founding Fathers during our first successful revolution, and They will do so again in the present one, if we remain true to his Son’s teachings and values. And, like our Founding Fathers, we must be prepared to risk all – otherwise there will be nothing left to risk.

Go to and sign up for our Justice League, and play your part in saving the greatest nation on earth from extinction at the hands of Biden and Harris and their comrades.

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