Here’s who can slay the Big Tech Goliath

By Joseph Farah

Here’s one free speech app that is taking off on GoFundMe in a campaign started on WND.

Jeffrey Sisk is the pioneer behind the His company is building a search and social-media platform under one app that will do much of what Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter do – except without controlling speech in America and around the world.

Why is this an existential threat to the control-obsessed robber barons who think they’re in charge of fair elections and the free press in America? Because anyone can be censored, canceled or suppressed by the official “mainstream media” and its masters ruling from atop Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter – even a sitting president, Donald J. Trump, can be silenced! Remember, he still doesn’t have his Twitter handle back! Maybe he won’t need it.

That’s because and Jeffrey Sisk have received in their account the record-setting amount of $3,252,240!

Apparently, America is responding in a big way. They see what’s at stake as every day more people are “canceled,” more books are banned, more American traditions are abrogated.

But who would have thought that amount could be raised in about a month?

If you don’t think this man’s for real, just listen to him: “America was founded on a series of core principles that have guided our nation for over 200 years,” Sisk says. “We have struggled as a people to apply these constitutionally protected rights to internet platforms. These values, given to us by our Founding Fathers, built the most powerful nation in the history of the world. The protections they placed in our Constitution and Bill of Rights are designed to preserve and protect America for all generations.”

People don’t talk like that in Silicon Valley. And Jeffrey Sisk is not a child of Silicon Valley.

I can vouch for him because I know what motivates him – the same ideals that motivate me.

Sisk adds: “Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to privacy – these are not just ‘sayings’ we support or do not support. They are God-given rights enshrined in our Bill of Rights. With these rights, all voices should be protected, and we should stand shoulder-to-shoulder, even with those with whom we disagree, to protect those rights. The free flow of thought leads to scientific advancement, the sharing of ideas, potential for common ground, and the understanding of key issues that help us build a better society and a more prosperous future.”

His pledge is simple.

“We are committing to you now that we will forever support the core values enshrined in the Bill of Rights. As a platform, yes, we will remove content that contains the obvious bad things, such as graphic violence or pornography. But we will always support constitutionally protected free speech and the First Amendment. That is our firm commitment to you, the American public.”

And Jeffrey Sisk is no Johnny-come-lately to high-tech tasks.

“I have personally been developing new search and social-media technology for almost 10 years,” he says. “We are ready with incredible things to build a brighter future. We cannot share some of this just yet, because it is proprietary and would signal to our competitors some of our plans. But it is exciting, and we will certainly share with you what we can along the way, prior to launch. We will launch’s public messaging platform, similar to Twitter, in the first couple of months post funding. And then we will bring our additional services for search and social media online later this year on a rapid prototyping timeline.”

I have known Jeffrey Sisk for quite a few years. He’s been involved in some neat projects. He has even bigger projects in his future. Right now, he’s driven by the determination of our Founding Fathers.

“I believe in America,” he says on his GoFundMe page seeking the seed capital he needs. “It is the light of the world. I believe in you. I know that you will share with everyone you know, and this story will be told for generations: how the American people came together and found a way to reaffirm our commitment to our Constitution and Bill of Rights in the 21st century. Sometimes God taps us on the shoulder, tells us it is time to step forth with courage and confidence, and do great things. This is such a time for me. I am stepping forth. Come along with me on this amazing journey.”

This project is taking off! Are we up to the challenge? YES!

Brave men like Jeffrey Sisk need our support. I urge you to stand with him!

Keep hope alive.


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