Cartels are the biggest winners when kids cross the southern border

By Chuck Norris

It’s an international human crisis involving family extortion, kidnapping, trafficking, rape, enslavement and even mass murder of children and adults. It’s not only a colossal U.S. border crisis but a systematic crime against humanity. And the culprits and accomplices are both cartels and, believe it or not, our own federal government. Let me explain.

If somehow you haven’t heard, there are now 14,000 unaccompanied migrant children being held in custody at the U.S. southern border. According to Reuters, the increase is on pace to be the highest in 20 years. 14,000 is three times the amount of those in custody during the previous presidential administration, captivity liberals were quick to ridicule as an inhumane and abusive.

Even with three times the numbers of unaccompanied minors, the Biden administration is covering up and whitewashing the present humanitarian crisis by restricting media from knowing and reporting the true details. Even CNN had to report, “Biden administration says 14,000 migrant children in its custody as it refuses to call border situation a ‘crisis.'”

The children come from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Of the 3,000 migrant minors alone being housed in the Dallas convention center, 2,300 are male teens ages 15-17.

Where are all the female minor migrants? That answer gets a little more complicated.

The greatest travesty of the border crisis is that the Biden administration and the mainstream media paint the primary problem as finding housing for migrant children. However, the greatest crime occurs south of the border as cartels and other smugglers control every aspect of those migrating, extorting finances from their families, trafficking children and adolescents to sexual predators, and even using them as drug mules into the U.S. and worse. Many are sold into slavery and even killed to extract body parts to sell on black market organ commerce.

Deputy chief of the U.S. Border Patrol Raul Ortiz told Sean Hannity in 2019 that what most people don’t realize is that cartels are also “making tons of money” off of everyone who crosses into the U.S. illegally: “1.7 million dollars a week are made into the cartel’s pockets from the unaccompanied children and family units that are crossing in [the Rio Grande] area [of Texas] alone.” That’s 1.7 million dollars every week in just a few hundred mile strip of border crossing!

The U.K.’s Daily Mail just reported, “Mexican drug cartels and human smugglers TAG ‘asylum-seeking’ migrants to the U.S. with $500 colored wristbands that look like hospital bracelets to keep track of their movements.” Like entrance passes into an amusement park, color-coded plastic wristbands are placed on migrants who pay exorbitant prices to cross particular areas into the U.S. But this is no E-ticket ride.

CBP spokesman Matthew Dyman said, “Information on the bracelets represents a multitude of data that is used by smuggling organizations, such as payment status or affiliation with smuggling groups.”

Texas Department of Public Safety retired Capt. Jaeson Jones explained to the Center for Immigration Studiesthat the first set of wristbands were located by CBP agents as early as February. Some of the wristbands also contained a logo, such as a devil face or turtle, the latter being the logo of choice of a human trafficking group linked to the Gulf Cartel.

Cartels and other smugglers’ control and manipulation of migrants doesn’t end with financial extortion and oppressive transportation methods.

According to NPR in 2011, migrants not only become unwilling mules to smuggle drugs for cartels but they’re also robbed, kidnapped and are often sold as sexual slaves outside and inside the U.S. According to the Daily Beast, cartels have so much power over immigrant routes into the U.S. that they daily rape, murder and ransom children for human trafficking, prostitution rings and “may even be harvesting their organs for the U.S. black market.”

Consider also the many criminal adult migrants who come in contact with unaccompanied migrant minors on their trek to the U.S. Among them are those who John Jones, chief of the Intelligence Counter-terrorism Division with the Texas Dept. of Public Safety, said a few years ago: “In the last seven years (in Texas), over 4,000 illegal aliens have been incarcerated for sexual assault. 62% of them are sexual assault against children.” (Imagine how many of these illegals feast their perverted sexual appetites on young unaccompanied female migrants!)

If protecting U.S. families from these sexual predators isn’t enough incentive for liberal Washington politicians to continue to build a wall and bolster border security, what about protecting migrant children and families by building that barrier and enforcing immigration laws to reduce the cartel’s power and extortive criminalities against those on the other side of the border?

Liberals and other progressives naively think that an open-door border policy for illegal minor migrants spares them from the claws of their country’s oppression when it actually feeds a multitude of them as prey straight into the jaws of cartels and other sexual and oppressive predators and enslavers. An open door border policy is the cheese in the mouse trap of cartels.

Shouldn’t both U.S. children and those from southern countries matter so much to all of us that we do everything within our power to protect them from domestic and alien overlords and predators on both sides of the border? If former President Obama declared a national emergency for blocking property at our southern border, shouldn’t President Biden declare one solely to stop these child abusers on both sides of the border?

The truth is, the 14,000 migrant children who recently crossed the border were lucky to make it there at all. We will never know the number of others who were tragically enslaved, trafficked or perished trying to get into our country because of an open-door policy that encourages it.

The truth is, cartels and other traffickers and smugglers love those who believe in open-border policies, like those throughout the Biden administration. They aid and abet the cartels and other smugglers’ criminal behavior by encouraging migrants to travel illegally to our country. Instead, we should be enforcing the legal immigration laws and protocols already on the books, which would simultaneously diminish the flows of illegal immigrations and the cartels’ control over migrants.

Please contact the president and your state and federal representatives today, and let’s stop this insane international abuse of children right at our own borders.

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