Coming soon: America’s supernatural deliverance

By Craige McMillan

I hope we are all well past wondering what a society founded entirely on lies might look like. Such a society requires at least two things. First, it needs people who are willing to lie – who even like to lie. Secondly, it requires people who like to be lied to. Both groups of people have existed in the world … probably forever.

So what’s different about today?

  • There is an orchestrated campaign that is coordinating the lies.
  • Big to unlimited money is funding the liars’ efforts.
  • The campaign is being carried out over many nations of the earth in a coordinated manner.
  • Authority figures have become the primary liars.
  • The lies are so outrageous that the liars must attack the truth tellers to silence them.
  • Word-of-mouth truth telling has been suspended by censorship and pandemic gathering limits.
  • The campaign is being conducted within both the natural and the supernatural realms.

When “social media” consisted of the water-cooler conversations at work, there was a certain risk in lying about your house, your vacations, your kid’s grades at school, or whatever else you felt needed embellishment to make up for the secret or imagined faults that you, alone, knew about yourself. The real risk was that somebody you had lied to would eventually run into somebody who knew you better than the water-cooler crowd at work. Overnight, your words on any topic would become suspect. In other words, you suffered a credibility hit. Those interacting with you always asked themselves, “Was that really the truth? Or did he lie to make himself look good on this project at work?”

As is sometimes said, however, “that isn’t this.” The lying we are experiencing today is all of the things I mentioned above – and it is targeting each one of us. Its goal is to break down our view of reality (which a sea of lies will do) and to shape the new culture that is to replace it, so that only certain powerful people will benefit from our efforts. Forever.

Isn’t it interesting that individual character defects are not eliminated by money, but only grow uglier amidst the potting soil of vast accumulations of wealth? Perhaps that is the spiritual entry point where their humanity begins to be disassembled and abolished.

I’m quite certain that if we could hook up each and every one of the conspirators to a lie detector, then ask them a series of questions about their plans for planet earth, without fail their words would be identified as accurate and true. Many would view themselves as altruistic, saving the planet, helping humanity … and the list goes on. Selfless servants, one and all. They no doubt feel we should be grateful to have them and are annoyed that we don’t fall into line behind them.

The beauty of a republic as a form of government is that all of us as citizens have an equal say in what kind of nation we will have in the future. That is why the conspirators had to destroy election integrity and implement their star chamber, where only people with the “correct” view of tomorrow are elected to positions of power. That is why Donald Trump had to be destroyed as president: He didn’t share their view of the future.

That is also why humanity’s only remaining hope for freedom is where it always has been: not at the ballot box, but at the Throne of God, where the one seated there has heard the cries and pleas of the American Bride. Her cries shook the heavens, and they moved the Heart of God to act on America’s behalf, in the face of great and overwhelming evil.

Why? Because America’s freedom is the key to freedom for the rest of the world. God created humanity – each and every one of us – to serve Him, not Satan, who is the father of lies. The enemy and his minions know this. That is why they have mobilized such a vast army, both in the natural and supernatural realms, to destroy this nation. A free America with a renewed commitment to God’s will for humanity will remake the world in its image. That is what the enemy fears and seeks to stop it at all costs.

Beyond our involvement in the spiritual realm, which is where the battle began and where it will end, we are all pretty much spectators from the earthly point of view. America’s deliverance will be supernatural, as will the demise of the conspirators who sought to destroy her. The American Bride, whose cries shook the heavens, will soon be elevated, much as John the Baptist observed of Jesus when he said, “He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30).

If you like change, you were born at the right time.

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