They got away with cheating in November – now what?

By Michael Master

Why did Democrats cheat in the 2020 elections? For control. Saul Alinsky: the end justifies the means. This was their only chance to stop the America First movement of Trump, to take control of the Senate, to “cancel” those who oppose them, to rewrite history – just as all totalitarian governments do. So Democrats cheated.

The 2020 election was their only chance to stack the deck against average working Americans. Statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico to gain four more Democrat senators; pack the Supreme Court by expanding its size; pass election laws that guarantee more and more Democrats get elected; use stimulus money to bail out cities mismanaged by Democrats for the last 40 years; citizenship for illegal immigrants; more immigrants pouring over the border; increase government workers and families who then join SEIU and NEA and are dependent on government paychecks (now one-quarter of all American workers).

How could the GOP be so stupid to allow the cheating to happen unchallenged? The cheating brought about the defeat of Trump, two GOP senators from Georgia and Republican John James in Michigan. Why did total voting across the USA increase 20% in 2020? Election fraud, ballot harvesting, electronic ballot box stuffing, voting machine manipulations. What will ever reverse what Democrats do now?

European countries banned mail-in voting while the U.S. allows it. Even during COVID. Because it affords fraud. As per Supreme Court Justice Thomas: In Pennsylvania alone, mail-in ballots increased from 4% in 2016 to 38% of the total in 2020. The possibility of fraud from that much increase is huge. The same was true for Arizona, Georgia, Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina. And now Pelosi and Democrats are passing legislation to make unsolicited mail-out of ballots standard, allow voting without registering, stop the purging of dead and relocated people from voter rolls, expand voting time frame and disallow voter ID. Unsolicited mail-out of ballots was supposed to be only because of COVID. They lied. More ballot harvesting. More illegal voters. More irregularities.

How can the federal government pass legislation that tells the states how to run their elections as Democrats proposed in H.R. 1? The Constitution is clear that states run their elections, just as it is clear that those changes to 2020 election processes without permission by state legislatures was unconstitutional. Or are Democrats betting that the Supreme Court will figure out how to punt about this also just as it refused to look at 2020 election violations or how Chief Justice Roberts justified Obamacare?

If Democrats pull this off, then eventually the United States will become a two-tiered economic system (the rich and the socialized mass) with one political party in control (for all practical purposes), where the majority of Americans receive their income from government as employees or under contracts to government or as direct income from the government (Social Security, unemployment, stimulus checks, supplements) just as in China, Cuba and Venezuela – all because Republicans, the media, the Justice Department, the FBI and courts allowed Democrats to get away with cheating in the 2020 election.

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