‘Saturday Night Live’ seals Biden’s doom

By Nicholas L. Waddy

The passage of “President” Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, a.k.a. America’s Bankruptcy Guarantee, and the effective collapse of our southern border may seem like the most consequential political developments to occur since Jan. 20, but they are not.

Far more important was a little-noticed change in the editorial policy of NBC’s comedy standard, “Saturday Night Live,” which was unveiled last Saturday. For the first time during his presidency, “SNL” let Sleepy Joe have it!

And, with that seemingly trivial comedic pivot, we can confidently predict the following: Biden himself, and the bulk of his progressive agenda, are finished.

Why? How?

First, the facts: NBC, the most left-wing of networks, mocked Biden’s decrepitude unrelentingly on Saturday. It made fun of his repeated stumbles — who knew he was a natural at physical comedy? — on the stairs leading up to Air Force One. It implied that Biden was utterly reliant on notes and rehearsed talking points during his first, and only, press conference.

It addressed his (hilarious) bravado in planning to run for re-election in 2024, despite his advanced age: “Biden was asked if he plans to run for reelection … which is probably the nicest way to ask him if he plans to be alive in three years.” All in all, the show marked the most critical, skeptical take on Biden that “SNL” has dared to offer since Sleepy Joe took the (nominal) reins of power.

Why is this so important? Simple: Joe Biden has been the most cosseted presidential candidate, and then president, in American history. A domesticated press corps savaged his opponent relentlessly, while either ignoring or explaining away any and all barbs directed at Biden as “disinformation” or worse. Democrats literally impeached President Donald Trump for having the temerity to suggest that evidence of the Biden’s alleged grifting might merit investigation.

Twitter locked the account of the New York Post for daring to run accurate, but unflattering, news stories about Biden’s son and the family business. After a lifetime of taking liberties with women and girls, Biden’s backers and apologists (hypocritically) belittled and skewered his most famous female accuser, Tara Reade. Meanwhile, arguably the greatest threat to Biden — Biden himself — was neutralized by being locked in his basement.

And, not for nothing, left-leaning comedians, who were blessed with reams of promising material on Biden the man, Biden the (perennial) candidate and, more recently, Biden the putative president, nonetheless held their fire and allowed this walking joke to be lauded as a leader exemplifying vision, wisdom and integrity. It was, in short, an all-hands-on-deck effort from the political, economic and cultural elite to lionize Biden and to bury any and all negative storylines about him, so that the establishment could, through him, retake power. And it worked.

This, then, is why the change of heart by “SNL” is so significant. Ridicule is one of the most destructive weapons in any political arsenal. Biden today is modestly popular, enjoying an average approval rating of 53%. That level of public enthusiasm, however, is the product of an unprecedented effort by opinion leaders to blacken the name of Biden’s nemesis, while shielding Biden from criticism.

As Trump hatred fades, therefore, and as the inherent cynicism and meanness of journalists, politicians and pop culture icons comes to the fore, it is inevitable that both elite and public attitudes to Biden will become more negative. He is, after all, a cranky, befuddled old white guy, leading a party and a movement that loathes old white guys almost as much as it hates Mom, baseball and apple pie.

That the tide would begin to turn against Biden soon after his inauguration was more or less inevitable, but because of the incredibly indulgent treatment he has thus far received, his fall from grace was bound to be harder and faster than most. And, thanks to “SNL,” it begins here and now.

Joe Biden has, we hope, enjoyed the last several months, which much surely count as the “best of times” in his (very) long and eventful life. He has, after all, acceded, despite his various infirmities, to the office of the presidency, which he coveted more than anything.

He has enjoyed the fawning adoration of much younger and hipper progressives, who saw in him a deliverer from the Trumpian forces of evil. And, for a brief shining moment, with crafty old Joe at the helm, all things seemed possible: spending unlimited amounts of money on left-wing priorities, abolishing the filibuster, reengineering the electorate, delegitimizing conservatives as agents of “sedition,” redefining sex and gender, settling old racial scores, restricting access to guns, “saving” the planet — you name it.

All these goals, however, could only have been achieved if the tide of Bidenism kept on rising. A wilting, withering, drooping approval rating, by contrast, will cause Biden’s erstwhile allies in the Senate will lose heart, and the progressive agenda will be dead on arrival.

“SNL,” despite its undisguised progressivism, has cast its vote and made its allegiance clear: Biden will henceforth be mocked. As progressives and centrists alike take note of this more critical attitude, and as they inevitably drift away from Sleepy Joe, his political clout will evaporate, the Senate will succumb to the mesmerism of Mitch McConnell, and Washington, D.C. will sink back into the muck and mire of stalemate (glorious stalemate!).

Conservatives everywhere owe a debt to the writers and producers of “SNL,” who, by their acid wit, their small-mindedness and their sheer nastiness, are frustrating the latest left-wing power grab … and thus saving America.

Truly, we couldn’t have done it without you.

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