Another false narrative about ‘insurrection’ day

By Joseph Farah

Officer Brian Sicknick died of natural causes, the medical examiner says.

Period. End of story.

The D.C. Office of the Chief Medical Examiner says another desperate theory to blame Donald J. Trump and his “insurrection” at the Capitol Jan. 6 did not play any role in this death. First it was alleged that Sicknick was killed by being bashed in the head with a fire extinguisher. When that was proved to be false, fake and phony, a second cause of death was a “chemical irritant.” That, too, was eventually ruled out.

Officer Brian Sicknick died after suffering from two strokes, said Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Francisco J. Diaz. In other words, he said, “acute brainstem and cerebellar infarcts due to acute basilar artery thrombosis” – strokes caused by blockages in the arteries in his brain and brainstem.

The media went wild the day after the protest at the Capitol with the first false narrative about Sicknick – the fire extinguisher. The New York Times, formerly the paper of record, was believed to be the first to report it. It was regurgitated ad nauseam by CNN and MS-DNC.

When there was no evidence to back it up, the “bear spray” or “chemical irritant” theory took over.

The medical examiner found it played no role in the death.

A press release issued April 19 “accepts the findings from the District of Columbia’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner that Officer Brian Sicknick died of natural causes. This does not change the fact Officer Sicknick died in the line of duty, courageously defending Congress and the Capitol,” concluded a Capitol Police press statement.

In other words, Nancy Pelosi is sticking to her story of why she impeached Trump a second time.

“The attack on our officers, including Brian, was an attack on our democracy,” the statement read.

But there’s more. Listen to the rest.

“Working with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, the F.B.I.’s Washington Field Office and the Metropolitan Police Department, the USCP will continue to ensure those responsible for the assault against officers are held accountable,” the statement continued. “On March 14, Julian Elie Khater, 32, of State College, Pennsylvania, and George Pierre Tanios, 39, of Morgantown, West Virginia, were arrested for assaulting Officer Sicknick. Khater and Tanios are each charged with one count of conspiracy to injure an officer; three counts of assault on a federal officer with a dangerous weapon; one count of civil disorder; one count of obstructing or impeding an official proceeding; one count of physical violence on restricted grounds, while carrying dangerous weapon and resulting in significant bodily injury; and one count of violent entry and disorderly conduct, act of physical violence on Capitol grounds.”

Khater and Tanios were the two guys originally fingered in the “bear spray” story. They are lifelong friends who have been in jail since January charged with the above offenses.

Even though the bear spray played no discernable role in Sicknick’s death, and even though exposure to it has not been known for causing any human deaths, it may be the only “weapon” the speaker has.

Note that Khater and Tanios are not charged with Sicknick’s death. Both defendants have pleaded not guilty.

Following his autopsy in January, Sicknick’s body was cremated.

The Justice Department has charged more than 100 defendants for assaulting officers during the protests – not “insurrection.” It is unknown how many remain under arrest. By February, the investigation had stalled because of lack of evidence of any fatal injury, any firearms or any explosive devices connected to protestors.

The death of Ashli Babbitt, the only real victim among the inflated death toll of the protest, was attributed to a shooting by an unnamed federal officer. She was unarmed and received no warnings.

Some “insurrection,” huh?

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