‘Dark omen’: Pollster says Biden’s approval numbers are horrific

By Bob Unruh

President Joe Biden takes notes during a briefing on the shootings in Atlanta Wednesday, March 17, 2021, in the Oval Office Dining Room of the White House. (Official White House photo by Adam Schultz)

A noted pollster is warning that Joe Biden’s approval numbers, though slightly positive, are a dark omen because they are significantly below most recent presidents.

“The fact he’s only in the low 50s right now is a really bad sign for Joe Biden,” pollster John McLaughlin said in a report by Just the News.

He said the problem is that the president is governing as an extreme leftist – after having promised the American people he would be a moderate.

“He’s taken what should have been very popular issues — COVID relief, infrastructure — that Americans overwhelmingly support and turned those into radical left-wing pieces of legislation,” said McLaughlin said in the report. “Republicans can’t wait to get into election season and talk about some of the things that are in those bills … expanding the welfare state, tax increases, basically open borders. That’s not where the American people are right now.”

Biden is just at 100 days in office and his job approval ratings actually are mostly assessed in polls at being just above 50%.

But ABC has reported that the average approval rating for the past 14 presidents at this point in their terms is 66%.

The only ratings lower than Biden’s were for Gerald Ford, who was under attack for his pardon of Richard Nixon, and Donald Trump, whose first term was plagued by the unrelenting – and false – claims by Democrats and their allies in the legacy media about “Russia collusion.”

McLaughlin said based on his 35 years in the industry, the president’s numbers are a dark omen for his party, the report said.

“During a recent interview on ‘Just the News AM,’ he said he doesn’t ‘think there’s any question’ that Biden’s mediocre numbers have set Republicans on track to reclaim not just the House of Representatives in 2022, but the Senate as well,” the report said.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tried to explain the numbers as being low because Biden came into office “during one of the most divisive moments in modern history,” but McLaughlin said Biden actually is stoking those divisions.

The president “is literally the Trojan horse for this radical left-wing agenda. And despite what the national media and the Democrats may tell you, that’s just not where the American people are right now,” McLaughlin said in the report.

He cited as evidence the plunging support from independents for Biden.

A recent assessment found 45% of independents said Biden is too liberal, up from 21% just a year ago, McLaughlin noted.

Independents now are “are leaning Republicans, and it’s happening way quicker than it did during the Obama administration,” said McLaughlin. “And we all know what happened during those midterm elections.”

The reaction to Obama’s leftist agenda was that in 2010, Republicans took control of the House with a 63-seat pickup and they gained seven Senate seats. Also the GOP gained six governors’ offices.

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