Welcome to Equiterra: A male-emasculating Utopia

By Patrice Lewis

There has been a lot of bad news lately in America. Riots, unrest, crime, murder … is there any good news to be had?

Fear not. The United Nations Women are here to help.

Yes, there is a group called United Nations Women. They’re all about economic empowerment and sustainable development agendas (among much else), and a few months ago they put forth the solution to all the problems in the world: A mythical country called Equiterra, “where gender equality is real.”

“In Equiterra,” states the website, “all people have equal rights and opportunities, regardless of their gender. Women and girls feel safe when walking at night. They get paid equally as men, for work of equal value. Men and women share chores and care duties at home, and they can access high quality care at affordable rates. Isn’t that fabulous!”

Yowza. Sure sounds fabulous to me. Let’s go on a little tour of Equiterra’s “bustling capital” and admire some of its landmarks, shall we? (Close-up illustrations of each landmark are available at the original link.)

Image: United Nations Women
  • Unstereotype Avenue: “The word stereotype has lost its meaning in this country. … In Equiterra, diversity is celebrated, not feared, and a culture of acceptance dominates the hearts and minds.” This is where people “root for the girl who wants to be a professional football player, not question her capabilities.”
  • Violence-Free Alley: This is a place where domestic abuse and street violence is non-existent. “There is no such thing as femicide, women are valued and respected here. … Domestic violence is a rare occurrence, because there are strong laws against it and services to support victims. Since gender equality is the norm, the power dynamics between intimate partners are not oppressive or toxic.”
  • Equal Pay Street: This is a place of high minimum wage, and where “women and men are being paid equally for work of equal value.”
  • Toxic Masculinity Recycling Plant: “Just like in every civilization, citizens of Equiterra are affected by the human history, including patriarchal ideas of gender roles and what it means to be a boy or a girl, a woman or a man, a transgender person or a gender-nonconforming person. Instead of conforming to these historical gendered stereotypes that have restricted men and women for generations, people of Equiterra question toxic masculinity. In the Toxic Masculinity Recycling Plant, through innovative dialogues and learning, toxic behaviors are transformed into attitudes that perpetuate gender equality.”
  • Inclusion Square: No one is excluded from Inclusion Square (except, presumably, anyone who expresses conservative values).
  • Climate Action Street: “In Equiterra there are no deniers of climate change. Everyone does their part to protect the earth and takes action to stop rising temperatures and the destruction of resources. Along Climate Action Street, you’ll see recycling and compost bins. There is sustainable and safe public transport that reduces the need for everyone to own and use cars. Sustainable, recycled fashion is the rage here, limiting waste. And, you see women leading the charge, in equal footing with men.”
  • Equal Representation Avenue: This is where Equiterra’s government buildings are located. “They all have gender balanced leadership. The Parliament has equal representation of women and men, and the boardrooms show women and men of diversity working towards common goals. In the media, you don’t see harmful stereotypes and sexism.”
  • Education Boulevard: “In Equiterra, education is a top priority. On the school grounds, you see young girls and boys reading history books that include stories of both women and men who have shaped their communities and culture. … Girls are taught science and math without the presumption that it’s not for them. Boys learn humanities and art and learn the importance of gender equality. There’s no such thing as child marriage that pulls girls out of school to become brides.”
  • Freedom Avenue: This is where people have “freedom of expression and movement, freedom to choose your identity, and freedom to choose how many children you have and to have control over your own body.”

“Equiterra exists only in our imagination,” mourns U.N. Women at the end of the tour, “but it’s a place that we can all aspire to build. To date, no country in the world has achieved gender equality.”

You’ll probably notice a theme as you read through the amenities of Equiterra: Everything is the fault of men. Gosh, if women were in charge of the world, Equiterra would be achievable right away. The only men permitted in Equiterra would be emasculated ones, suitably woke and with all testosterone drained via the Toxic Masculinity Recycling Plant.

Of course, no mention (much less credit) is given for all the unsung and presumably male heroes who build the city in the first place. Who is logging the timber, smelting the metals, laying the sewer pipes, constructing the homes, wiring the buildings, paving the streets, extruding the recycled plastics for creating the recycling and compost bins, and otherwise building this Utopian city? Presumably U.N. Women would want the Toxic Masculinity Plant built last of all, after the toxic men finish working their fingers to the bone building the women’s gender-equal citadel. Because one thing is for certain: Women won’t build this city. The jobs are too tough, too dirty, too unappreciated. What’s the fun in that?

Now granted, since Equiterra was conceived by United Nations Women, they have legitimate concerns about parts of the world dominated by The-Religion-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named where women are truly oppressed and child marriages are common. But U.N. Women apparently prefer to blame men rather than culture.

“The most disturbing thing about the exercise is how childish it is,” observes Andrea Widburg with American Thinker.”Every year, America provides about one-fifth of the U.N.’s budget. In 2018 alone, America sent that organization $10 billion. In exchange for that money, we get a World Health Organization that dances to China’s tune, an anti-Semitic obsession with Israel, United Nations workers who are routinely caught abusing women and children, climate change hysteria, anti-Americanism, anti-gun activism – and the above-described puerile nonsense.”

And just think: With Democrats in charge, Equiterra – with its “Toxic Masculinity Recycling Plant” – could be just one reeducation camp (gulag) away.

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