Election fraud and the nature of evil

By Craige McMillan

It seems that election fraud in Maricopa County, Arizona, is now a “woke” entitlement. The county leadership has told the state Senate that they won’t turn over election equipment already under subpoena because, well, election fraud is an inalienable right of Democratic politicians, and a thousand or so Democratic attorneys and their paymasters are there to enforce that “right.”

This, folks, is what happens to people when they begin to believe their own horse pooey. The legislative body responsible for election integrity can’t inspect the equipment used in the election, because it might reveal trade secrets. Yeah, like how they cheated, I guess. Time for more “Twilight Zone” reruns? Where is Rod Serling when we need him?

If any of us are waiting for a corrupt government to behave rationally, just get comfortable and relax. We have all of eternity. Why? Because it will never happen. Corrupt governments cannot respond rationally to problems, because the lines of power are not as depicted in the organizational chart. It doesn’t matter if it’s your local school board, the mayor’s office, county commissioners, state elected officials, or any other governing body.

An organizational chart places people at key positions. We make telephone calls, write letters and devise publicity stunts to get our points across. It almost never works, especially if the problem is an important one, and there could be winners and losers in the financial area.

The corruption chart – not the org chart – is what we need to see. This modified org chart replaces people with bags of money or blackmail control. Oddly enough, most of the money comes from completely legal bribes in the form of election campaign funding, “free” trips and gifts for office holders, “free” publicity, “free” opponent hit pieces and so on. Always “free” to the corruptocrat, because we the people are paying for it in handouts to the unseen hand “guiding” us.

We would all be way ahead to stop wondering why so many solutions imposed by government aren’t solutions at all. Corruption destroys good government that treats everyone equally. The power isn’t with the officeholder that we elect; the power is with the puppeteers pulling the officeholder’s strings of control.

Most of us know this at some level, but we forget it. And we have to relearn it. That suits the people handing out bags of money and pulling blackmail strings all around us just fine. They can focus on their corruption, which of course they don’t see as corruption. They simply see it as good governance. They are doing their part to make the world, the nation, the state, county, city and school board work properly. So what if their company gets a fat contract for equipment or “wokeness” training? We get woke. The government goes broke. And the puppeteers plan their next show.

America has become dysfunctional not because of incompetence, but because of bad ideas that bastardized our limited government and corrupt officials at every level of governance. Most of us had no idea. Stupid people aren’t always evil. Those we disagree with aren’t always evil. Corrupt people are always evil.

It doesn’t take a majority of evil people to put a nation at the tipping point. This tipping point is described in the Bible as “weighed in the balance and found wanting.” Corruption is merely one expression of evil. A secular nation, however, is unable to understand the true nature of evil; its people don’t comprehend that evil is a living, growing, consuming thing. In the end, evil consumes even the people who cooperated with it.

Evil has an insatiable appetite. Evil is intent on destroying everything God has created, especially humanity. That will to destruction is why the secular mind is incapable of understanding what evil truly is. As such, secularists try to deal with evil on the physical level alone. Psychiatrists, drugs, prisons, police, social workers and, of course, “education” (because they don’t like to call it indoctrination).

Without an understanding of the spiritual world, we cannot understand evil. Without a biblical view of the physical world, we cannot combat evil. Every so often I will hear an astute observer ask, “Why is Christianity the only religion that is attacked in America?”

It’s a good question. Even Satanism is not attacked the way Christianity is. Perhaps the answer is that Christianity is the only faith that has any power over evil. Perhaps Christianity, for all its flaws as practiced here on earth, offers the only effective understanding of the principalities and powers of the supernatural world and their interaction here in the natural world?

Evil will be with us until God closes the books on it for good. Coexistence is not a strategy for countering the evil that has overtaken our nation. Faith in God’s ultimate goodness is. And remember: It never hurts to ask Him for help in defeating the evil that has overtaken our nation.

As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn observed of his homeland Russia, “Over a half century ago, while I was still a child, I recall hearing a number of old people offer the following explanation for the great disasters that had befallen Russia: ‘Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.'”

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