ICE officers: Biden has ‘functionally abolished’ agency amid crisis

By Art Moore

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers (Wikipedia)

Pressed from his party’s far left, President Joe Biden effectively has abolished the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency through heavy restrictions on its operations, according to ICE officers.

The Daily Wire described ICE under Biden is “an agency on probation.”

While rejecting calls from Democrats such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to eliminate the agency entirely, Biden has “placed ICE deportation officers on a leash so tight that some say their work is being functionally abolished,” the Daily Wire said.

Amid a surge of illegal aliens under the Biden administration, ICE deportations were at an all-time low last month, with 2,962 illegal immigrants returned to their home countries.

The sharp decrease in enforcement is the result of new restrictions on who qualifies for deportation and what actions ICE is authorized to take, according to the Washington Post.

Consquently, ICE’s 6,000 officers currently average one arrest every two months.

At a rally in Georgia in April to mark his first 100 days in office, Biden told activists who were shouting “close private detention centers” and “abolish ICE” that “I agree.”

He apparently was agreeing specifically with closing private detention centers and not necessarily abolishing ICE.

“I agree with you. I’m working on it, man. Give me another five days,” he said.

“Folks, you all know what they’re talking about,” Biden continued. “There should be no private prisons, period … none, period. That’s what they’re talking about, private detention centers. They should not exist and we are working to close all of them … I promise you.”

Illegal immigration has surged to a 20-year-high since Biden took office.

Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Harris in March to spearhead the administration’s response to the border crisis. But she has yet to hold a press conference and has not visited the southern border.

Earlier this month, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich called on Biden to remove Harris as the administration’s “border czar,” describing her response to the crisis as “absolutely abysmal.”

“We are not nearly 50 days into her appointment, and Vice President Harris has shown little interest in observing what is happening along the border and has failed to articulate any plan to deal with the devastating effects of this crisis,” he wrote.

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