Nun: Battle not between Republicans, Democrats, but between ‘devil and our Lord’

By Around the Web

(CNS NEWS) – Sister Deirdre Byrne, a surgeon and retired Army colonel who spoke at the 2020 Republican National Convention, said the ongoing political and cultural conflicts in the United States are not at root “between Republicans and Democrats” but “between the Devil, who is real, and Our Lord.”

“This battle we face is not a battle between Republicans and the Democrats, it’s not conservatives or liberals, or left versus right,” said Byrne on Apr. 30. “This is a battle between the Devil, who is real, and Our Lord.”

Byrne, a member of the Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts, is the abbess of her community and she also works at a medical clinic in Washington, D.C. She made her remarks at an international pro-life conference sponsored by Heartbeat International, reported the National Catholic Register.

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