Religion professors argue evangelical Christians are white racists who ‘may end up killing us all’

By Around the Web

(THE COLLEGE FIX) – Racism and the lost cause of the Confederacy is alive and thriving among today’s white evangelical Christians, argued three religion professors featured on a recent panel hosted by the University of Virginia titled “White Evangelical Racism: The Politics of Morality in America.”

“I think that a strong and compelling argument can be made that it’s not just this lost cause narrative that still animates white evangelical Christianity wherever it exists, whether it’s on the West Coast, in the south,” said Larycia Hawkins, assistant professor of politics and religious studies at UVA.

“I lived in Chicago for 10 years and I came away telling my friends, upon reflection… the Midwest is Confederate. In fact, America is Confederate,” Hawkins said during the event.

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