What the [bleep]? Blaspheming ‘God’ called just fine in kids’ movies

By Bob Unruh


Using “God” and “Jesus Christ” in a blasphemous way now is just fine for kids films that are rated by the British Board of Film Classification, according to a report from the Christian Institute.

Using those references “blasphemously” now “has been deemed ‘suitable for all’ by the board,” the organization reported.

It’s new in BBFC guidance for films that kids products should have only “infrequent use only of very mild bad language,” but using references that insults Christians is acceptable.

“This is a slap in the face for Christians,” explained the Christian Institute’s Ciaran Kelly. “The BBFC recognizes that using the terms ‘God’ and ‘Jesus Christ’ in an irreverent way is deeply offensive to many people but will allow it anyway.

“It knows the role it plays in influencing society. By allowing films containing blasphemy to be shown to even the youngest children, they are desensitizing impressionable minds,” Kelly explained.

The guidance itself states: “U films should have a positive overall tone. We think carefully about what very young children already know, what might scare, confuse or upset them, and the lasting impression the film might have.”

And it adds: “Words you may hear in a U rated film or TV show may include: ‘damn,’ ‘hell,’ ‘God’,’ ‘Jesus Christ.’ We know that some people find these words particularly offensive, but our research shows us that the majority of parents are comfortable with their children hearing them in U rated films.”

The Daily Mail reported other words acceptable for the “Universal” rated films are “butt,” “jerk” and “screw-up.”

The report noted a study for the film classification bureaucrats suggested “a third of us use ‘strong’ swear words more now than we did five years ago.”

The Mail listed as now acceptable for movies rated PG words that it doesn’t accept in its own publication, such as “sh** and b*****ks … son of a b****, ba*****, p***, cr**, a***, a**.”

The report said, “Research conducted for the body that gives age classifications to movies and TV shows found six in ten agreed that ‘strong language’ is ‘part of their daily life.'”

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