Videos demonstrate Democrats’ intolerance of dissent

By Bob Unruh

Democrat lawmakers at the state and national level have confirmed that their tolerance for speech with which they disagree is at, or near, zero.

The Gateway Pundit reported Democrats in the legislature in Ohio “repeatedly” screamed “point of order” and pounded on their desks because of Rep. Jena Powell’s statements.

She was supporting a provision that will require transgender athletes in high school and college to join male or co-ed teams.

That conflicts with the Democrats’ agenda to let boys who simply say they’re girls to join girls teams, sharing in restroom and shower facilities.

Powell struggled to explain her position as the near-riot developed in the statehouse, with the Gateway Pundit calling it a “full-on petulant temper tantrum.”

“It is crucial to preserving the integrity of women’s rights and women’s and girl’s sports,” Powell said.

The report said the tantrum failed and the proposal was adopted.

In a second demonstration, it was in Congress where Rep. Bob Good, R-Va., was criticizing a Virginia school’s promotion of Critical Race Theory, which essentially teaches that all whites are offenders and all minorities are victims, when someone shouted “racist” that appeared to be directed at him.

The Blaze reported, “It was not immediately clear who shouted this, but when it occurred, the Zoom window for Rep. Donald Norcross, D-N.J., briefly appeared during the hearing, which took place remotely.”

Subsequently, Republican members of the House Committee on Education and Labor demanded a public apology.

The report said, “The slanderous accusation was hurled at Good as he questioned Education Secretary Miguel Cardona about critical race theory and aspects of the New York Times’ heavily criticized ‘1619 Project’ being taught in schools.”

Norcross’ office has not commented on the matter.

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., explained recently, in a report documented by Real Clear Politics, that, “I look around the country and I see a move over the years away from what used to be a defining American trait, which is toleration. Our founding fathers talked about the toleration for the views of others, especially for different religious creeds. But the Left is no longer content with toleration, by any means. They’re really not even content with acceptance. They want to demand celebration [of] their views about gender and race. They want to force them on the entire country.”

He said issues like CRT and others have prompted parents to fight back against leftist agenda points.

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