The CCP’s collaborators are helping destroy America

By WND Guest Columnist

By Rohini DeSilva

Note: This is Part 1 of a two-part series.

We need to understand how America is being conquered if we are to defend against it.

Remember how they rioted during President Trump’s 2020 GOP Convention? How they put him under a guillotine and called for his death? How the rioters set fires, pulled down statues, set fires to a historic church, tried to break down the fence and trash the White House? How they sneered when President Trump was moved to the basement for his safety? How they physically attacked attendees leaving, including Sen. Rand Paul and his wife? How, to confuse us, they used social media as their agents to delete all photos from the internet and pretended it never happened?

Now, Biden calls all Trump supporters “worse than slave-owning Confederates” (even though it was Democrats who owned slaves and fought to prevent their emancipation.) Then Biden demonized all Trump supporters by calling them “insurgents.”

It has become clear that Biden is using the FBI and CIA as his personal Communist Gestapo. They are betraying our country while breaking the law, violating our constitutional rights and spying on us with impunity. Remember how immediately after Jan. 6 the FBI ordered Bank of America to hunt through everybody’s credit card files and locate who bought tickets to D.C. and who purchased anything in D.C. during that time? Then the feds used Google’s facial recognition software to hunt down Trump supporters, broke into their homes and jailed over 500 Trump supporters, without charges and without attorneys, some for over six months. Remember? Yet, for the past year, this same FBI was unable to track down a single Antifa/BLM rioter!

These are carefully planned attacks, attacking us, our religion and our constitutional rights from all angles: voting, free assembly, free association, freedom of religion, right to carry, equal application of the law, draconian COVID mask mandates, calling us domestic terrorists/insurgents, calling everything we say “disinformation’ and deleting it. All carefully designed to destabilize our country, create total confusion and paralyze us with fear. Remember how they lie and contradict themselves constantly? How they delete all information they don’t want us to know – until we don’t know whom or what to believe and will be forced to give up, exhausted?

We have a choice: Either we surrender our religion, our country, our constitution and our freedoms; or we stand up and fight for them.

The parallels between what the Chinese Communist Party is doing throughout the world, and what their collaborators are doing to Americans, are uncanny. The single-minded goal being pursued by Communist China (the CCP) and their Collaborators, Biden and his Democrat/Socialist/Marxist/Communists and their RINO politicians is to conquer America using unrestricted spiritual, psychological and physical warfare.

Nobody really “hates” President Trump. America’s $22 trillion economy is the prize they are fighting over. They just want this non-politician out of the picture so they can more easily loot America’s wealth. They have no moral or ethical restrictions. Even while they were impeaching President Trump for inquiring into Ukraine’s Burisma oil conglomerate’s corruption, Hunter Biden’s laptop disclosed that he, Devin Archer, John Kerry’s stepson Chris Heinz and Mitt Romney’s chief aide, Cofer Black, were all on the Board of Burisma, each collecting over $83,000 a month. But the Collaborators had their social media delete all comments about the story in the New York Post, the oldest newspaper in the country, on the grounds it was all “disinformation.” It is only now that Biden is installed in office that they admit the whole sordid laptop story was true. In January 2016, Eric Ciaramella, the so-called whistleblower at the center of the Ukraine impeachment, actually hosted a White House meeting with Ukrainian officials demanding that the prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden be fired in exchange for an IMF loan.

During the 2008-2016 Biden administration, the Biden family made billions. Hunter flew on Air Force Two with his father, then vice president. Hunter had lucrative deals with oil conglomerates in Russia, Communist China and Kazakhstan. Once in office in 2021, Biden made sure to cancel the Keystone Oil pipeline and its 11,000 good-paying jobs, which had made us oil independent, and made us dependent on foreign oil. Even though neither brother had any experience in building, James Biden received $1.5 billion to build housing in Iraq, and Frank Biden received billions to build infrastructure in Costa Rica. But nothing was given to build housing in our blue-state inner cities.

The Collaborators will make themselves even more billions; stifle our unique religious freedom; and nullify our unique Constitution and Declaration of Independence, which restrain the government and guarantee freedoms for all of us. Their goal is to take us back to the Middle Ages, where a few were kings owning all the wealth and having all the power, and the rest were peasants living in subjugation and terror. There was no middle class, no ability to strive to live a better life.

Tomorrow: “How communists conquer a country.”

Rohini DeSilva is an attorney who graduated with honors from Columbia University School of Law. She has been admitted to the Bar in both New York and California. She also has a BFA in Interior Design from New York and a Fellowship in Music from London. Having grown up in Sri Lanka, DeSilva witnessed firsthand how Socialism destroys a country. She wrote “9/11, Stealth Jihad & Obama” to warn Americans of the Socialism, bordering on Marxism, that Obama was bringing to this country. The Epilogue of her book, written eight years ago, predicts almost exactly what is being done to this country today, except that instead of bombs, the leftists are using COVID-19. Last year, she escaped from Los Angeles, which was trending communist, and now lives in Florida.

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