Cleric charges that God is ‘non-binary’

By Bob Unruh


A cleric who was the first transgender to be ordained in the Church of England has claimed in an interview with ITV News that God is not “God the Father,” or even a “He.”

God, claims Sarah Jones, is “non-binary.”

Apparently centuries of church teachings, untold years of study of the Bible, and even all those references in the Scripture themselves, are wrong?

Jones, who has opposed the millennia-old principles of the Bible for years, said, “We’re very used to talking about God as ‘He’ and obviously Jesus was a man and referred to God as ‘father,’ and I get that but when we think about anything to do with God, the limits of our human imagination and our language, we just run out of understanding, I mean, how can we possibly describe God.”

Jones continued, “And when you really think about it, does God really have a body? I don’t think so, so could God really be ‘He,’ just genuinely like a guy? I don’t think so and I think if God created everything, God’s beyond all of these boundaries so whatever God is, I really don’t think God is a standard ‘He.’ I would absolutely say that God is non-binary in the sense that God is neither male nor female and I think it’s helpful.”

Jones explained that’s “helpful for the queer community, I think whether you’re straight or gay or whatever you are, the fact that God is not equivocally male perhaps is actually quite helpful in our understanding of humanity.”

Jones is at St. John the Baptist Church in Cardiff

“When I offered myself for ordination 20 years ago, I said at my very first interview, ‘Look, there’s this medical history that you need to know about’. And I really didn’t know how they’d react. And they were fine. I mean they were a little bit sort of, ‘Oh, OK, we don’t really know what to do, but give us some time, and we’ll work it out’. And it did take them time, but they did work it out and eventually I was ordained,” Jones said.

Jones wants the church to be seen as a welcoming place for people in the LGBTQ+ community.

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