Judge cancels abortion law because constitution recognizes ‘right to life’

By Bob Unruh

(Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay)

A national law expanding the permission for abortion beyond cases of rape or a risk to the life of the mother has been struck down by a judge who noted Argentina’s constitution specifically recognizes a “right to life.”

Judge Alfredo Eugenia Lopez, of the Federal Tribunal No. 4 of Mar del Plata, decided the illegality of the abortion expansion based on a previous national Supreme Court ruling that “life is the first human right which is recognized and guaranteed by the national constitution.”

The Christian Institute noted this week that the law was adopted in December, but now has been suspended until and unless the nation’s Supreme Court reverses its earlier decision.

The ruling was the result of a citizen’s appeal what argued the law violated the nation’s commitment to life.

Lopez pointed out “an imponderable number of unborn children may suffer death from this very moment.”

The nation, with a heavily Catholic population – more than half of its citizens are part of the church, previously organized marches in more than 100 cities, involving more than 3.6 million activists, to promote the slogan “protect them both.”

Politicians who pushed for the abortion expansion have said they plan an appeal.

LifeSiteNews previously reported that ACI Prensa documented that the judge found that his Supreme Court “reaffirmed in subsequent pronouncements the right to the preservation of health – included in the right to life – and has highlighted the urgent obligation of the public authority to guarantee that right with positive actions.”

The judge continued, explaining the high court, “has considered that the right to life is the first right of the human person that is recognized and guaranteed by the National Constitution.”

Former presidential candidate Alejandro Biondini said, “The judicial declaration of the #UnconstitutionalAbortion by Mar del Plata federal judge Alfredo López is a great triumph in favor of our unborn children, but we must work and vote well in legislatures to permanently repeal that genocidal law from Congress.”

The pro-life activist group called CitizenGO Argentina noted the courage of the judge.

“We congratulate the brave judge @JudgeLopezMDP and we will remain firm so that the ruling that defends the LIVES of thousands of Argentines is enforced and the (National Constitution) is respected,” the group said.

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